Accommodations, Meals! WHERE? Hello Udaipur


I am going to break it down for you into three parts.
Budget, In between and Luxury. We are going to lay down many options.


Zostel Udaipur: Situated on the lake pichola, this one is pretty one. But a kind request to book it in advance as it is usually booked. The zostel has sharing rooms and private rooms as well. The best part about this place is that you get to meet new people and share cultures.
Bunkyard : It is another hostel by the lake

In between :
There are numerous hotels. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Udaipur thrives on tourists.
Panna Vilas
Lake view Guest House

Justa Rajputana (not near the lake but I stayed here for 10 hours as I had an early flight) – This property has taken me aback. It is a beautiful little place with royal feels to it. The staff is beyond warm. They even packed breakfast for us. I got it for Rs2700 incl taxes.

I am going to mention this also in ascending order.

Radisson Blu: I got a steal deal of Rs4500 per night. We stayed here for two nights. The property is absolutely beautiful.

The pool is the highlight.

However the staff was extremely disappointing. The service was a miss

Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace: It is situated on Fateh Sagar Lake. We paid whopping Rs8500 for a lake view room but was extremely disappointed. The lake is far away as they have lawns in between.

If you take the first floor, you can see more of parking. If you take the ground floor, then you can see more of the green lawns and then the lake. The place as a whole is just fine. They do not have a swimming pool.

Lake Pichola Hotel is also a good find.
The below properties range between Rs30000-35000 per night

The Leela Udaipur:
This is an absolute gem. The rates go upto Rs25000 but is beyond beautiful.

Situated on the lake, this one is filled with warm staff and breathtaking views.

The Oberoi Udaivillas:
We went here too. However the basic rooms open into the courtyard which is fine. Choose this property only if you will take the lake view with your private little pool.

Taj Mahal Palace:
This one is right between the waters. But for every outing, you shall need a boat to move out.

Jag Mandir Palace:
This is another property amidst the lake.

Where to Eat?
Let me tell you. This place is filled with lake view restaurants.
First let us talk about authentic traditional meals.
Nataraj offers traditional cheap thali for Rs250-300

On the better side, you have traditional khana which offers unlimited food for Rs 650 (incl taxes).
The meal is absolutely delicious. From dal batti churma to gatha sabzi to besan ladoo to chaas, it’s a Rajsthani treat. The service makes the difference here. It is beyond amazing. But do reserve in advance. It is crowded. But you ought to have one Rajasthani Meal.

Next up, Lake view restaurants.

Jhumar Restaurant – This one is usually recommended by many local rickshaw drivers.

It is overlooking the Fateh Sagar lake and is really nice. But please do not have the Chinese here. The service is a bit slow.

Panna Vilas Restaurant – This has AC section overlooking the lake. The food is good. Cost would be around Rs1200 for two.

Indra Prakash Restaurant – Again this is beautiful. But avoid going here as the staff doesn’t care at all. The food is also very ok.

Tribute – This is overlooking the Radha Sagar small lake. It is candle light dinner restaurant and really inside. But the restaurant is beautiful. It is absolutely calm. Do have the paneer makhani.

The gulab jamun with icecream was my favorite. They have an AC section too. And not to forget the amazing staff, Umesh and Taftan; both of them were amazing. (Rs 1700 for two)

Sheesh Mahal at the Leela – I have extensively described about this place in my previous blog.
But my genuine request would be to splurge and just go there. The view is stunning.

Upre by 1559 AD – Mainly sold out and quite a famous restaurant. It is on the rooftop of Lake Pichola Hotel. The restaurant has an amazing ambience but the food is just fine. It is around Rs2500 for two people.

Chandni at Oberoi – Do book it in advance. In my honest opinion, choose Sheesh Mahal over Chandni as Chandni is pretty away from the Lake. There is lawn separating the same.
However the cutlery is just beyond beautiful. ( #ihaveathingfordetails)

Let’s go local:
Do have the hot jalebis being made in the old market or that hot ghewar.

How to commute in Udaipur?
I would suggest ola rickshaws as they are the cheapest. Next would be ola/uber cabs. The local rickshaws do hike rates so do bargain.
To travel for day trips, do take ola outstation. It is comfort and turned out pretty cheap with offer codes.

*Please note the rates mentioned are subject to change. We booked two months back. We travelled in the month of June being an off season.

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Much Love,
Aanvi, TheGlocalJournal

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