Itinerary for a trip to Udaipur – What to do, not do & Tips – It is all here



“How many days? What to see? What to miss?” We have it all covered.

So we thought of doing short blogs which will help you plan easily.
The city of lakes is filled with warm people, historic archways, cafes situated by lakes and more.
So you can cover major Udaipur in 2.5 days. However if you have more time like we did (4 days), you can plan your trip leisurely.


Let us get started:

2 days BUDGET Trip:



Day 1:
1. Right from the airport, go off to Chittorgarh Fort.
Time : (2 hours journey)
Why directly? : You save 40 minutes. The airport is closer than the main city.

#TGJTIPS: Book Ola outstation. It turns out to be Rs2200 return. Don’t worry about your luggage as you will be travelling with your car inside the fort.



(Distance from airport to Udaipur city – Roughly 40-45 minutes)

Entry Fee : Rs 15 for adults and Rs90 for your vehicle
Guide Fee : Bargain and you shall get a good one for Rs100



What to see?
The movie Padmavat comes into life with the history of Maharana Ratan Singh and his wife Rani Padmini. Do go to the main gate where the battle between Khilji and King was fought. Just sit there by the view and get lost. It is beyond beautiful.



You will take 1 hour to see the fort (if not too much detail) . If you start by 7.30 in the morning, you should be back by 2.30/3pm. Check in and relax.


2. Wake up and go boating to Fateh Sagar Lake

• Hire your private charter boat (bargain and you will get a good deal of Rs2000 for 45 mins). The people are very warm.
#TGJTIPS – Do take something to nibble on the boat. It adds to the experience.
• Also do have the Sai Cold Coffee outside the boating point. It is really #cheapthrill



3. Go cycling around the lake
Just type Fateh Sagar Cycle on Google Maps and it will pop up.

Have a lovely dinner at a café by the Fatehabad Sagar Lake. (All accommodation and meal options to follow in the next blog)




Day 2:
1. Take your breakfast and go off to Ahar Cenotaphs. This is where the King were buried. There is nothing much to see as such. But the place is very peaceful and calm.



2. Next up go to City Palace. The City Palace is the highlight of Udaipur they say.



The city palace is situated on the Lake Pichola. It has beautiful archways, colorful grid windows and amuse in every corner making you wonder the reigns of the King.



Entry Fee – Rs300. (Also if you are a student, they do have student discount, so your ticket will turn to Rs100)
Duration – 2 hours
Opening time – 9.30am – 4.00pm
#TGJTIPS: Guide charges Rs250. You can easily google the information. They don’t say anything extraordinary.



3. Outside city palace, there are many stalls. So you could shop there itself and see the old town



4. Have lunch and take a short afternoon siesta



5. Evening go to Sajjangarh / Monsoon Palace. Take a car (Rs200) or you can go in their jeep (Rs 90 per person).
The view from up right there is beyond spectacular and stunning. You can see the whole town. Do watch the sunset
And then head for your lovely last dinner.



Day 3 and 4 (Luxury)
Soak into the royalty of this town.

Day 3: Just enjoy in your property. Take a swim and get a spa. Come on, that’s what vacations are for. Go and grab a delicious Rajasthani meal! (Where? Read onto our next blog)



Leave for city palace complex. Take the 6pm boat ride to Jag Mandir. (It is Rs830 for the boat ride but absolutely worth it)



#TGJTIPS: There is a famous restaurant called Dari Khana. It charges Rs3200 cover inclusive of travel and redeemable against ala carte. However the journey begins at 7.30pm. My personal recommendation would be to avoid to it as you would not be able to see the view at all.



Rather go around 6pm (if summers) and 5pm(if winters as early sunsets) and just enjoy. You can buy food there itself. The little windows pave way for the sea. The white curtains bring the place alive. The yellow twinkling lights at sunset and night make it shine.



Have a cold coffee/beer and just chill.
Watch the sunset and relax.
On your way back around 7.30pm (the last boat back) – get a warm welcome by the bats hovering you and city palace shining in front of you.



But do go to this place. It is beautiful.

Then you can grab dinner (recommendations to follow)



Day 4:
1. Wake up! Take a day trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort. It is situated on the Aravalli Hills and it runs from the ancestors of Mewar. It is a UNESCO world heritage. If you love history and views, then do go here.



Entry Fee – Rs30 per head.
Duration – Uphill trek 30 mins.
Total Time would be around 1.5 hours
From Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh – 2.5 hours bumpy drive.



Built on a hilltop 1,100 m above sea level on the Aravalli range, the fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls that extend 36 km (22 mi), making it one of the longest walls in the world. From the palace top, it is possible to see kilometers into the Aravalli Range. The sand dunes of the Thar Desert can be seen from the fort walls. The view is again magnificent.



Come back and catch up on some sleep. You will need it!


2. Book your dinner at Sheesh Mahal, The Leela.
(Rs 5000 for two)


The staff is extremely warm. The hospitality will touch you.
The property is another gem. The swimming pool absolutely pleased me. They had gabana all over the place with a very calming vibe.
Then let’s come to the restaurant.
#TGJTIPS – Do book the restaurant in advance as many a times they are sold out.
The restaurant is right overlooking the lake Pichola. The sunset is dreamy while you sit back and listen to the soft flute playing.
The cuisine is mainly Indian food. The stewards explain you the meaning behind Sheesh Mahal while greeting you with warm water hand wash.
Then your candle is lit. Do reach the restaurant by 6.30pm so that you can have a look at the property.
Everybody is so warm there. Three cheers to the staff!



My personal recommendations to order there would be Paneer Makhani, Tandoori Roti and Kebabs.
They make fresh roti right near you.
Also they have a private dining area (Rs 25000 for two with a set menu)



Post your meal, stroll there. The sound of water in every corner is very calming and so is the breathtaking view overlooking the Taj Mahal Palace, Jag Mandir and City Palace.

#TGJTIPS – Do book your cab in advance. The area by surface is pretty narrow and lonely.

You could additionally do the sound and light show at city palace if you like it.

The Vintage Car Museum and Haveli can be absolutely skipped. Doodh Talai is just overlooking pichola again so give it a miss.
Karni Mata cable car usually has long waiting and is just a cable car with a view (The similar view can be seen from Monsoon Palace as it is diagonally opposite)
If you are doing Jag Mandir Boating, please give pichola boating point a miss.
If you are doing only Pichola boating, then you can cut down on Fateh Sagar Boating.

Best Time to Visit :

They say November to February. But in my honest opinion, it is extremely crowded with tourists and being a favorite spot for destination weddings. Also, the hotel prices are hiked to another level.
I would suggest end June as showers are not yet in full fledge and being an off season, the weather is absolutely breezy in the evening. Plus you get luxury and less crowds. You just have to bare 2-3 hours of afternoon heat which is fine according to me.

Only if you really want to buy the ethnic wear like printed pallazos or ghagra or chunky jewelry, do it. Maldas street (for clothes) , Babu Bazaar (Ethnic stuff)
Also, in winter months, they do have the mela which is amazing so do enquire. Please bargain everywhere.

Where to Stay?
Where to Eat?
How to travel?
How to save on bookings?

Stay tuned for my next blog

*The costs, timings are subject to change. Please check before booking/visiting
**All the pictures are captures by TheGlocalJournal and are subject to rights .

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