Kid or adult , Say Hello to Papparoti for your sweet cravings!


Papparoti is an international chain knows for its signature buns. We started off with their caramel latte cold brewed. They give you a sugar syrup separately so you can mix in as much and as and when you want. However, we noticed that the coffee was extremely watered down.

Next on our table the Nutella bun which was their bun glazed with chocolaty goodness and crushed almonds. We absolutely loved this bun and recommend it to anyone who anyone who is a fan of Nutella(who isn’t?)

We also tried the season favourite, the mango bun which was essentially the bun topped with pieces of freshly chopped mango . The sweet and sour taste of the mango seemed to elevate the crumbly bun under it.

We tried the mango basil iced tea, which was again watered down and bland in taste. We couldn’t taste the mango at all which we thought would be the essence of the concoction.

Last thing we tried was the Mochaccino, which a silky combination of a coffee and a chocolate drink. This drink was perfect when you can’t choose between coffee and chocolate as it Managed to strike both chords without overpowering the other.

Overall we loved the ambience of the place and the pricing isn’t too high. So if you are looking for a change from the regular coffee shops and want to try something new we highly recommend checking out Papparoti

Pappa Roti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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