In a Relationship with Food


From the time your alarm rings to you sleep back at night, all you think is FOOD.

What are you going to take in your tiffin?
What are you going to eat next day?
What is your menu for the day?
What is the bucket list of restaurants to be visited for the weekend?
What is dinner?
What is lunch?


And goes the endless questionnaire…

I AM THE SAME. I AM just like most of you. I love FOOD. I am in a silent RELATIONSHIP with FOOD.


And like the law of relationships, every relationship is healthy and unhealthy. While when you do it right, it is AMAZING, for example eating right like eating your greens (ewww, did you just say greens.)

But as you get it slightly wrong, the repercussions though not NOW, might affect you in the future.

With our present GENERATION, Average healthy survival seems a good 50 years and then degeneration begins.

While what I am blabbering currently might sound crass and boring, YOU THINK OF IT.


All we think of meeting somebody is FOOD. All we think about bonding is FOOD.
Why not parks?
Why not only walks “UNFOLLOWED” by desserts?


We get tired soon. Even though we might not be fat, we are OBESE that is our fat ratio in high probability is in excess.



1. It is okay to cheat. I do it. But balance it by eating right like greens, proteins, etc.

2. Don’t Cheat everyday.

3. Control : It takes time. But it is a beautiful procedure when you let your mind take over your cravings. It is self-control.
To be honest, I have reached a stage where you even eat the best chocolate I would not be tempted.


4. Know what you eat : Do you even know the milk you are drinking might be by injecting the cow? Or the kind of stuff you eat anywhere.

There is a huge difference between eating a pizza at home and pizza outside since you exactly know what is going into your home pizza

5. REPLACE: It is a crazy trick. I take jaggery instead of sugar and it tastes the same when has to be used as a sweetener and it is good fat.

Or maybe using cottage cheese at times instead of cheese
Or oats uttapam instead of the normal. It is the BETTER in taste.

6. Work OUT: I dont do gyms as I am lazy too. I just try to walk a bit with music. Do some stretches at home before i wake up. Do few sit ups.
It is just starting SOMETHING.

7. Change your lifestyle:
I know it may sound very preachy and old school.
But it works.
It is tough but try.
Step by Step.
Your body will respond better after a few days.

So that is about it.


How is your relationship with food?

Awesome, Needs work or unhealthy.
Just make it right as this relationship is not ending.

After all,

Till death do us apart…..

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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