Hola Budget Luxury, ₹1150 for a corporate meal at the China House, Grand Hyatt


We often long for good food. And by good food, I mean to write down as authentic cuisine.
So what if we can’t travel to every nook and corner, all we could do is atleast have a taste of the culture that surrounds us.

I would call a dish authentic if it makes me imagine how the food would exactly be there in that country.

But often, five stars do have the chef’s flown in from countries to serve the best food.
But can we all afford ?
And it doesn’t end there. Even if we can afford, can we try every dish? We usually end up ordering a gravy and rice/ noodle when two of us visit.

China House at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai have began corporate lunches from Monday to Friday for ₹1150 (INCLUDING TAXES, HELL YES). It’s a Bento box 🍱 for you !

Oh and it doesn’t end there. Further there are variety of choices to make.

You could choose your dimsum, appetiser, gravy, noodles or rice.

My personal recommendation would be to have the
Sichuan soup, Eggplant in soya sauce, crystal vegetable dimsums and the noodles.

What caught my tongue 👅 (changed the phrase a bit, sorry grammar nazis, but come on a bit of twist) was the subtle flavours blending with each dish on the menu.
The flavours were way away from the crass Indian Chinese and actually made me love the food.

The meal is accompanied with salad and fruits too.


This is not in the corporate meal, but do try the sizzling brownie. It’s the best ever if you love dark chocolate.

Coming to the ambience, it speaks fine dining.
I am a lover of nature so I am fond of the outer section which hosts wooden old Chinese house like seating with greens.
The inside seating is fine dining with dim lights, transparent kitchens and comfortable sofas.

Overall, we had such a lovely time. We would definitely go back to satiate Chinese cravings.

China House - Grand Hyatt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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