Skies, Sunsets and Sea, Hola Lagoon @Sea Princess, Juhu



Its just beautiful when you visit places, travel places, explore places for yourself. Just to enjoy NOTHING. You are not working or you are not in the zest for pictures or you are not even carrying your camera.

You are just ordering your favourite food, sitting down the beach, observing people, listening to waves, watching the sunset in all its beauty. And when you are clicking a picture just for yourself, I mean one to two pictures and switching off your mobile data, you realise people have so much beauty. Only when you actually TALK, do you understand people.
Instead of hearing, you end up listening to them, and you learn so much.

Amidst perfect selfies, Instagram stories and snapchat streak, don’t forget to LIVE THE MOMENT and go to places you truly love where you are happy. Yes just happy, for yourself!

This is from an evening where we randomly hopped. I loved the place as it was so calm.
Celebrating ordinary ā™„ ___

Just an evening of a pretty sky with a pretty view.

I usually hate making pretty places common as then crowd bustles. But this was one of the evenings when we had a peaceful time. The sky displayed patterns and transitions in colours to amuse. People laughed on the beach, while some made sand castles while some blew bubbles.

We actually saw the sun set šŸŒ…. Its such a pretty place. Reached there by 5pm. We then walked by the beach and collected shells like age old days.

Sometimes all you have to do is get lost to find you.

#TGJ TIPS : do call if they are keeping a private party or so.
Reach early as table is only on first come first bases
It would be Rs2000 for two without alcohol and without taxes !

Overall, had a good time !


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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