No bake Blueberry Belgian chocolate Nuts pudding


What do you need?


1. Sponge cake
2. Crushed oreo
3. Granola, Roasted nuts like almonds, pistachio
4. Dark chocolate , fresh cream
5. Blueberry compote
6. Some chocolate balls for dressing
7. Nutella / Ferrero rocher is optional

Preparation time :
30 mins


Step 1 : Melt the chocolate . I chose a dark chocolate one and melted in in cream. You could also keep it in microwave oven if you want it thick but please keep stirring every 10 / 20 seconds.


Step 2 : meanwhile take blueberry and add it the cream and churn it
I used Trader Joes as it is very organic with less sugar.
You could also use regular available for Rs300 or so.

Step 3 : break your sponge cake and put it as your base. Please add a bit of butter and then put the sponge cake so it sticks together


Step 4 : add your blueberry fresh cream . Make sure you taste it.

Step 5 : put crushed oreo in butter too so it sticks and is nice . Remove the cream between Oreos .


Step 6: put another layer of sponge cake but this time first mix the sponge cake with some chocolate sauce to make it look like brownie.

Then spread it

Step 7 : add roasted nuts . We added crushed ferrero rocher , granola , roasted nuts, dried raspberries.

Step 8 : put the thick chocolate ganache that you made on the top.


Step 9 : optional : add a layer of Nutella and crushed ferrero rocher on top

Step 10 : FREEZE it (deep freeze it) for 7-8 hours

#TGJTIPS : put a toothpick in the corner and insert it till the last layer to see if it has set

Taddddaaaa ! Garnish it with some nuts or how you like it.

It tastes as good as outside !
Do tag us if you all make the recipe 😍

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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