Mamamia Mediterranean, Hola Bayroute !


Bayroute is the newest little joint opened up in the quaint lanes of cuff Parade .

What cuisine is served ?
It’s inspired from the middle eastern. The dearth for Lebanese, Mediterranean and Russian food has been finally filled. It’s absolutely a feast.

You actually feel like you are transported to the land of Morocco or Abu Dhabha.
Beautiful lanterns, dim lighting, gorgeous artefacts, draping curtains, soft Arabic music are words to describe this place

How’s the pricing ?
The pricing is on the expensive side being in a Porsche area with unique food

How’s the staff?
The staff is extremely Warm and courteous.

What did we order ?
The food menu really amazed me with the in depth authenticity that they have stuck by . It’s amusing.

1. Shorbet aka Starters
Lebanon lentil
Traditional aromatic slow cooked olives and veggies.


2. Drinks :
A. Arabic detox trick
Apple, beetroot and carrot : WE LOVED THIS. For anybody who has a knack for healthy food will love this.

B. Date shake : This was sweet but very authentic to its side.


3. Salata aka Salad :

Bayroute kale and avocado
Acquaintance of fresh kale, hearty avocado, dehydrated cranberry, melon seeds, goat cheese, pistachio falafel, pomegranate molasses dressed : We are always a yes for salad

4. Cold mezze :

Mouttabel Tahini, creamy Greek yogurt, garlic and lemon
Syrian red pepper and walnut dip spiked with cumin, red chilli and pomegranate molasses

We loved it . I know we are using the same words but the tahini was perfect. The creaminess of the yoghurt went very well with the lavash .

5. Hot mezze
Feta and pine Bute stuffed falafel
Parsley and chickpea biggest stuffed with Feta, cream cheese and pine bites, Harissa and tahini sauce

Should I say this was one of the best Mezze I have had? We devoured the falafel. The cream cheese and pine bites just added to it.


6. Pide
Canoe shaped traditional Turkish flag bread stuffed and baked to master

Are we sounding too technical ? It’s just because we want you to soak into the flavours, the ingredients and the taste that this place beholds


7. Hummus
Middle easter favourite. Chickpea puree emulsified with sesame paste and extra virgin olive oil served with pita bread picked veggies smoked olives and farm fresh.

I had to judge the place in one sentence by the kind of hummus it served. And no, it didn’t disappoint me.

8. Manakeesh
Nutella sea salt caramelised and banana

Manakeesh is the Russian pizza .
I was less fond of this one. It tasted fairly ok.


9. Mains
National dish of Egypt, evolved through multi cultural mix comprising of rice, lentils, pasta, tomato sauce, chickpea and golden fried onion accompanied with lemon chilli garlic sauce .

It tasted fine but probably I didn’t dwell the taste for the same .

10. Dessert
A. Baklava
Age old layered phyllo pastry, Iranian pistachio and almonds served with gulkand ice cream and rose petals

Should I say this was one of the best baklava I have ever had ?
The pistachio was absolutely the hero in the dish. The gulkand icecream just added to it.

B. Lotus drama
Fluffy cheese cake with lotus biscuit soil blanket, caramel sauce vanilla bean icecream

We loved this one.
The creamy flavours went very well together.

We had such a wonderful evening at this place as we finally had a place to satiate our Mediterranean cravings.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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