Indian cuisine elevated and innovated like none other, Hello Masala Library by Jiggs Karla !



The philosophy adapted in the menu revolves around progressive Indian cuisine reflected through the diversity of traditional Indian fare, combined with modern presentation, vibrant colours and captivating blend of flavours.
With an emphasis on using the freshers of ingredients, carefully balanced spices and modern culinary techniques

The menu showcase is prepared from recipes originating from across the geographic landscape of the country, including some dishes inspired from the streets of india, retaining their originality with each regional fare represented by chef’s with extensive experience and expertise in it.

#TGJTIPS take good two and half hours to enjoy the tasting menu as there is so much food, rather so much excellent food that you can’t say no.


We tried the tasting menu for Rs2500 plus taxes which gives a bite sized portion of chefs recommendation.
I feel this is the best bet as one gets to taste everything.

How’s the price ?
It is 5000₹ for two plus taxes without alcohol (vegetarian)

How’s the ambience ?
Ambience is exactly like you would expect a fine dining to be. Dim lighting and fine crockery .

How’s the staff?
Staff is very courteous with accurate knowledge of every dish.

So let’s go ahead with the tasting menu :

Amuse bouche : This is a palate cleaner.
We loved the presentation. It was in the form of egg nest.


Let’s begin with snacks :

1. Kokum fizz sees chakhna
It goes extremely well together

2. Halwa poori puff, Almond crumble
This was the only thing in the whole menu which I liked less.


3. Deconstruction of samosa
Oh what do I say! They actually used a crumble topped with potato and the chutney and it tasted exactly like one.


4. Nadir Burma
I might probably be short of words to describe every dish.


5. Farmers staple 2.0
This dish had bhakri with a liquid pickle. The pickle was something which I wished I could go and pack it.


6. Soup : mushroom Chai
This is the best mushroom soup I have had.
For the first time I had a mushroom soup without cream.
So they used dehydrated mushroom to represent Chai Patti. They used truffle oil to pour as Chai from kettle.
Let me tell you, I was transported to another world . The truffle oil and mushroom tasted so well.

Oh yes for the ones wondering, that was just the snacking and souping


7. Starter
A. Chevre kebab, roast pepper ketchup
The kebab was outstanding. It was so soft and smooth.


B. Corn Khees popped, masala challi :
I loved this one.


C. Jackfruit and Raw cashew kuzhambu, chips, yam Kebab, yam chip
I really liked the fusion of the tastes.

Sorbet was made from mint to cleanse the palate.

Dal dhokla . We gave it a miss as we we were
Too full.


We tried this :
Tandoor paneer rings, malwani curry, Indian breads, curry of the day

And let me tell you that dal Makhani (curry of the day) was kickass
Tandoor paneer rings went beautifully well.
Laccha Paratha was filled with butter.



They had used science in food . They infused the law of magnet to make the dessert floating.
The Chocolate Belgian ball was a paradise for bitter dark chocolate lovers

We loved the jamun mousse as well. It was so smooth.

The jalebi caviar was also amazing.


And not to forget the Goan dish, bibinca which has coconut .


It’s amazing to spend one evening with your
Family and bond over an elaborate meal.

Afterall best memories are made over good food.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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