Tea redefined at Kettlery


It is an era of increasing number of people who are opting for healthier lifestyles and greener diets, while also having high culinary expectations in terms of taste.

Enter Kettlery Tea Bar; A place which has a bar, but just for tea. A menu, which is greener, healthier and vegetarian only, curated by the famous Chef Vicky Ratnani. And ambience, which is hip (be thirsटी) yet very classy. The warm lighting and the choice of music here creates a very soothing atmosphere for a nice dinner accompanied with some free-flowing conversations.

This place offers an amazing array of teas, tea blends, and infusions. There are over 75 options (spread across multiple categories) to choose from. You can order the same from their online store or their boutique store in Mumbai. But if that’s the case, then why visit Kettlery?

Kettlery Tea Bar is known for it’s teas and if you see the menu, you would know why. From hot teas, iced teas, to tea mocktails, they serve everything! You should definitely try their Hibiscus-Kiwi detoxed iced tea and White Queen tea.

But this place has so much to offer more than tea. The food options here are unique yet healthy. Their menu is inspired by teas from all across the globe. And the way they have used different kinds of teas as ingredients is just incredible. The best example of this are the Chai Puchkas, which happen to be their fan-favourite dish. It is a mix between pani-puri and exotic teas.

We would also recommend Beetroot Shikhampuri Kabab, Recado Paneer and Bajri Cakes with Thecha Mayo sauce. Our favourite main course dishes include Black Rice Khichdi and Quinoa Lentil Hash.

And for the dessert, we loved the orange oolong tea cake.

Pairing the right type of food with your favourite tea really elevates your experience and this is what makes Kettlery so special. This place truly redefines our perspective of teas and the way we consume them.

The Kettlery Tea Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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