Authentically Twisted, Hola Craft Bar, BKC !

How’s the place ?
When you walk into this space, quirky hand painted tables welcome you. Delicate craft like woven knits, colourful mats, painted bottles surround the place. The cuisine revolves around the theme of authentically twisted where simple delicacies are given a twist and don’t turn out crass.

What did we order ?

Soup and salads
Till the figure out how to set the tone for the seating, start with liquids or soft foods that melt in your mouth.

Pirates pepper pot Rs175
Caribbean style coconut flavour rich soup made with plantains, potato, sweet potato and bell peppers. I LOVED this one. It tasted a lot like khowsuey. It was so soothing and delicious. Also I found this great, value for money.

Glassy classy salad Rs285
Combination of citrus fruits/ dry fruits cherry/ tomato/ onion and black olives served with citrus dressing . I loved the presentation of the classy glassy salad.

It is kind of teaser.
Intrigued, enticed and delighted.

Pav Bhaji Bruschetta Rs265
Mashed vegetables cooked on flat griddle & served on crunchy buttered bread
I liked this one too. It was normal or something what I have had.

Cripsy arbergine crumb fried Rs265
Mashed vegetables cookie on flat griddle and served on crunchy buttered bread

Litti Chokha Rs285
Litti along with chokha is a complete meal originated and popular in Indian state of Bihar . To be honest, I have had it and i don’t like it. But who like this dish, will love it.

Paneer Tart was absolutely amazing. The crunchiness of the tart went amazing with the softness of the paneer.

So to be honest I was absolutely full and didnt want to end up wasting food so I gorged onto appetisers.
But to just give a heads up to you guys, I picked my favourites
Mains :
Find yourself amidst a fusion of desperate elements. These sections somehow sync in completely with the times we live in today.

Vegetable khowsuey Rs375
Spaghetti Agli Olio, mushroom risotto

Curry crafts
Achari Bhindi, Amritsari Chole, Sev tomato, dal khichdi

Yes, as you all know I have a thing for desserts. So what did we have ?

“Time to wrap up for yet another day. Conclude your meal with our handpicked recipes. Choose from our after preparations.”


English bungling
Brownie layered with gajar halwa

It tasted weirdly nice.

Oh, it’s a good place Post 9pm too. Music raises and screens are lowered while you watch a match or groove. Also there are offers for alcohol.

How’s the staff?
The staff is Warm and nice.

Would you go there again?
Yes, definitely.

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