Spanish Affair @TheLeela, Mumbai


Leela at Bombay is near the airport road and known to host businessmen. The property’s grandeur and usage of plantations to make it a destination for peace in this bustling city.

When I first read, Spanish food caught my eyes and I thought I had to try it.

We had an evening of wine from Torres and Spanish food by the poolside at Six Degrees.

How was the ambience?
It was a pretty evening with wines flowing, prawns cooking while the sound of fountains soothed & the sight of the poolside pleased

What did you do?

For vegetarians, we had spinach croquet which was smooth and potato paella . Also, we had mushroom paella. Not to forget the Spanish tradition of having many olives in your meal.

Would add, it was heavenly for non vegetarians with Serrano Ham and pequilo peppers and many others flowing. I didn’t try it but my friends who had this said this.

We had a cold soup viz Ajio blanc shooters which was weirdly nice. It was really different but tasted good.

Coming to the wine,
Tasted the Rose : De Caste which was good in its own way.

Then next up, I have hogged onto the desserts.

Aroz con leche : This was served in a pretty looking jar but didn’t taste great.
Creme catalana : This was delectable.

Polvorones almond cookies : These cookies were soft and crunchy and just nice.
We also tried the Churros. They were made at the time of serving. Chose chocolate and strawberries to go with as the strawberries balanced out the sweetness.

There were pretzels and macaroons too. And not to forget the orange sponge cake which is again a Spanish authenticity.

Ended it with, the chocolate flan.

My Spanish affair ended on a sweet note.
If you are fond of it, go and try it out!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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