Get ready for a romantic Asian night at 12 Union Park!


What ?

12 union park

Bandra West

Asian Food

₹2500 for two
(this is subject to appetite, Tax, alcohol consumption, personal judgement)


Come on, tell us something about the place….
Okay. As you all know I have a thing for interiors. This place is situated in the corner of Bandra and is an absolute gorgeous PICK! The outer section has little plantations all around with vintage chandeliers on top and chique style chairs.


Then you walk inside, you are welcome with domes and modern yet elegant lights. Bang! You spot a wildlife inspired seating in another corner. It is just pretty, elegant and all things nice.


Enough. Stop it! Cut the crap and tell us what you ordered?

🙊 Oops 🙊! I guess I went overboard. But the place is really pretty.

What did we order?
In a nutshell I can say they have done a great job with all delicacies. I can barely pin point anything.


Sushi :
Cream cheese asparagus sushi roll: This is classic combination which cannot go wrong.



Smoked edamame & truffle dimsum
The use of truffle oil just elevated the classic Asian dish and not to forget the smoked element of it.

Mixed veg crystal dimsum:
This is something what I have had . A sheer classic though…



Crispy lotus stem:
This is very authentic dish. I have started liking lotus Stem as it’s healthy and gives that crunch to you whole meal.



Gochujan udon
Give me those noodles now ! Enough said.


Golden garlic rice
Simply delicious is what I would say.


Yangon veg curry
The curry was smelling fantastic. And when I tasted it, it was even better!



Baked cheesecake. I am going to be honest. Firstly I am not fond of cheesecake. So I didn’t like it that much.

But guys ! They have wasabi icecream! It was over that day so couldn’t try it.


Also, I don’t recollect the name of the cocktail. But it was wine based with purée of fruits. Let me tell you, it was indeed one of the best wine cocktails! The wine was smooth.

How’s the service?
You know where the staff just wants to feed you?
It was like that. It felt home. Happy smiles. I wish I recollected their names to write about them here.

It’s a very pretty place. I know I have said it. But LEGIT!

12 Union Park By Shatranj Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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