Binging on Chinese this Chinese New Year!


“All I associate with Chinese New Year is those lanterns flying up in the sky and bonding over great food”

Where ?
Royal Tulip, Navi Mumbai

Chinese New Year

From now till 15th March

How’s it priced?
Really reasonable

How’s the ambience?
Completely fine dining with chandeliers on your top and finely covered tables with cloth.

How’s the service?
We went for a lunch on a weekday so they were a bit understaffed. But commendable to the stewards, they were managing it all.

What to order?

Eight Treasure’s soup . I have finished a whole big bowl.


Kunjee Cripsy Veg
Crunchy fried Veg tossed in piquant sauce . This one is absolutely TASTY. DESI Chinese. I totally hogged over this one.


Veg Basil Dimsum
Exotic veg seasoned with basil chilly and sesame oil Dumpling . The dimsums were perfectly steamed leaving it soft and succulent

Low Bol Gow (Turnip Cake) ! I was full again but had to mention about this famous Chinese dish
Semi firm structure rectangular disc cake panseared with ginger garlic and scallion to serve.
We had already hogged an entire bowl of those potatoes and soup . Let me be honest we were stuffed and didn’t wana waste so we didn’t try this.

Golden garlic ice burg fried rice .
Simple fried rice with garlic.


Fortune noodles
Combine of Asian Veg & soya noodles hint of star anise . The noodles were delicious.

Elgin veg tousi sauce
I loved this sauce. It was filled with veggies and made in the perfect soya sauce

We didn’t try the Desserts as we were absolutely full with huge portions but they had these in store
Red bean sesame ball
Fried sesame balls

Oh we just changed our mind and since we can’t resist chocolate, we had the non Chinese Sizzling brownie from their regular menu ! The brownie was soft filled with almonds.

Loved it. Had a feast

Chi Na Chi Ni Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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