Runway to food splashed with couture

The Runway Project by Pizza Express

Where ?
It is newly opened at High Street Phoenix


How’s the ambience?
The place is a complete fine dine. It has really delicate interiors and as the name suggests, there are inspirations of fashion around


True to its name, this outlet takes forward its signature hyperlocal experience, highlighted with a couture-inspired flavour. The idea is to curate an immersive design and fashion-centric experience that mirrors the ethos of not just its location but also the community it is created for.

How’s the service?
The service was really good . I mean I kind of expected that


How’s the price ?

Yes , it is expensive but that’s the kind you expect with the location they are and further they cater to such a crowd. Also they use exotic ingredients

How’s the portion?
The portions are small but are truly experiential


What did you order?
Chef Vicky has done a great job by infusing ingredients and simple combination of Italian and other European cuisines

So let’s begin .
So the name of the dishes has been inspired from fashion dishes


1. Salad
Size 0
House cured watermelon, roasted broccoli, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, charred leeks, Feta crumble

I liked the addition of Brocolli to the dish . It added that texture to the dish


2. Small plates
Trio of king oyster, shiitake and button mushrooms, house pickled, smoked, pureed and chargrilled with sea salt, 10 year old aceto balsamico, emilgrana crisp .

The food is really good in its taste. Everything is exotic in itself

3. The imitation
Mock fuck, spicy barley, grilled, asparagus, roasted peppers, chickpeas, spinach, turmeric- rosemary yoghurt
I found this a bit spicy but loved the way turmeric rosemary yoghurt tied up the dish together


4. Cigar club
Filo cigars of cottage cheese and marinated roasted sweet peppers, spiced mayonnaise, balsamic glaze . I loved this as the crunchy and the soft element jewelled really well resulting into a great dish

5. The makeover
Layers of compressed vegetable sheets, grand Padana, ricotta, napoletana sugo (a no-pasta lasagne)
Oh gosh ! Sorry for being over board but I really loved the dish!


Mains :

1. Homemade garganelli
Gargenelli with grilled zucchini, Italian lemon, shaved walnuts.
Again a good dish

2. Fettuccine with leek ragu
Fettuccine with leek ragu, kale pesto, green peas, mint

Loved it again . Never thought kale pesto would taste so good


3. Mushroom risotto
Shiitake mushroom ragu, oyster mushrooms, aged Parmesan cheese, truffle oil
Come on, I would really judge if such a high end Italian restaurant would go wrong with this .
It had to be good


1. Godfather
In a runway first, cannoli meets tiramisu and it’s a showstopper

It is two of the most delicate Italian dishes coming together .

Overall it is such a beautiful fine dine experience if you wana experience

Unique and exclusive soirees remain the mainstay of the restaurants, where patrons meet to enjoy delicious food and wines in a sophisticated, elegant setting.

The Runway Project by PizzaExpress Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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