Sizzling in Mahim, Hola Sizzle House


Where ?
Sizzle house at Mahim

Why should I go?
Budget friendly

How’s the service?
A cafe like


How’s the price?
It is reasonable. Also they have offers like Monday has 25% off and so on.

What did you order?


Drinks :
1. Iced Tea
It was normal


2. Pink lemonade
Really liked the presentation and also it was very refreshing.


We were welcomed with some bread along with garlic butter on the house.



1. Two cheese and paprika loaded Paneer
This was a bit sweet. It was topped with cheese served with Paneer on the inside.


2. Creamy thyme – Mushroom
This was served with mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes along with creamy mushroom went well. Also the Broccoli added onto it.


3. Asian rice with black pepper – Paneer
I loved this. There were lot of textures to this dish. There was rice served with soya based cottage cheese gravy along with vegetables.


4. Paneer butter masala – corn on cob, cumin rice Sizzler
This was basically like Paneer butter Masala with rice. Again was sweet. However I was glad being an authentic dish, it didn’t go wrong.

I didn’t want to try fusion and wanted to stick with basics.
So I tried dark chocolate pastry which was simple and good.

Anything else?
Found the food a bit sweet to be honest. And sometimes the fusion doesn’t sync. But overall loved dishes like pan fried noodles and pizzas are good.

A good casual hangout place


Sizzle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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