How do I multitask

IMG-20180222-WA0012Multitasking ?
Hell yes !

“To be everywhere is the new trend and those who get accustomed are here to stay

Survival of the fittest.
Oopsie rather survival of the all rounder”

Come on I find us Humans as superheroes! Don’t you?
We socialise
We work
We study
We whatsapp
We gram

A pat on the back to all of us! We deserve it


How do I multitask?
1. It takes a while but try it. Get used to handling two things at a time for start and then expand the two to four.
E.g. I am reviewing a restaurant. Clicking photos and simultaneously talking to somebody and paying attention and also responding

2. Let’s get to a bigger scale.
Plan your day. It seems a cliche parenting old school line. But gosh, it works!


3. What do I do?
I simply write my to do on “Notes” in my phone As the most satisfying accomplishing feeling is when you put a tick on every task.
You know that feeling?

4. Time Management (do I sound like an old aunty already, but hear me out)

No I am just like you who puts an alarm but wakes up only before 10 minutes and I am usually shoving work until deadlines get to me. Give me a Hi5 👋

But I use my *traffic* on the road time. In Bombay, I usually am on the road for two to three hours on a day. I use that up to reply to emails, DMs, plan, write a blog
Also, when it’s a boring party, take out your phone and work


5. Setting priorities
Just set what’s more important and put all your heart into!
I have chosen personal relations most of the times. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but it just felt right at the moment

6. You always make time for something which you LOVE .
No planners. No lecture on time management. Nothing.
No matter how busy you are , you always will make time for something you are passionate about, which you love.

7. Breathe. Sometimes things do fall out of place . Sometimes it feels like you are in a spider web.
But darling, just space out. Calm. All will fall into place eventually


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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