Booking for your trips? We got it covered

All the inside hacks and results of trial and error so that you have it all served to you on a plate !

Bookings .

Oh god, you heard us.
The battles between mind and heart is CRAZY!
Heart : I want a luxury trip . Yes 5star property, beautiful villas

Mind : Darling have a look at your bank balance 💰


What do we do?

1. Earn all those apps loyal points like make my trip and goibibo and all of it.
2. First time install the app, get rewarded more
3. We check the hotel prices and shut the app. Again check it at other time. Usually at off times like @3am or @1am, we have got it cheaper. I don’t know how much it works for all but yes it had worked tremendously for me.

I got a deal at Leela in mumbai on NYE for 6k flat. Yes believe it

4. Book in advance.
It works amazingly well. Hell yes .

5. Try getting an upgrade.
Most of the times hotel staff is really nice and helps out!

6. Google coupon codes. First time bookings and lot of cards have it. Hell yes.

7. Also look for alternate options. Sometimes you get a better hotel at same price! Hell yes. Just surf
And no, I finish surfing in half an hour

If trying out different Airbnb or off beat resorts, read the reviews properly.

9. Usually online works better than offline. I have myself called up hotels and checked it out. But yes offline has always told me more

10. Check the different rates between different suites and room prices
Sometimes a better room with an amazing view is just barely different

11. Don’t forget taxes ! Every room is more expensive than what it shows on the app. So while putting a filter on the price, MIND IT


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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