UNFILTERED for you: Behind the Instagram Filters: Life of a blogger

“Experiencing the finest brunches. Visiting a new restaurant daily. 

Oh your life is so perfect! I wish I was you.
Oh darling! It is an illusion.
Don’t confuse the reel with the real” – TGJ

I love my life. There is no denial. It is amazing. I have met so many new people. I have experienced so many new places and travelled far and wide. But behind all those Instagram stories and snapchat videos, there is lot of effort.

1. What would you do normally if you visit a restaurant?
You would visit the restaurant and enjoy the meal affair. But here we all are struggling to get that perfect shot or that angle or adjust the light. If you meet me at some restaurant, you would probably spot me standing half the time. It is tiring. I am not denying that there are no perks but we do work hard.

2. What do you do?
And after a day of corporate job, it is MAD. You are done with your work and then next you head towards your hobby cum work. And in between or even while at it, you are thinking of 10 things to do, schedule and accomplish and also probably work on your pending items.

And no that’s not over, after you are done trying the restaurant, there is so much more to do!
Editing Pictures
Content writing
Writing a follow up mail
Publishing content on various platforms
Submitting screenshots of various stories
Copying various links
Updating profile
Scheduling & more….
Replying to comments
Responding to DMs

3. But cmon, it is way less stressful than other things?
Hell NO! There are so many times when you are in dilemma about what to choose. Work or personal life? At times, the guilt of missing something as you are stuck somewhere else. And yes, you all have been extremely positive but also there is a section of criticism & negative client feedback. It is also a task of responding to mails, networking, scheduling. If that’s not done, you do have a task to keep yourself updated as there is so much talent out there and all you gotta do is learn, learn and rise. But there is time crunch and specially when this is not your full time job
4. Do I have emotional breakdowns?
YAAAS! There are days when you see people doing so amazingly well and you are nowhere. There are days when you are so engrossed in work that you tend to neglect personal messages on whatsapp and then people develop conception of the attitude you hold.

5. The Balancing Act
I truly believe YOU are what YOU ARE only due to your readers! They are the ones who make or break your day. And I only collaborate with brands which I think will appeal to my readers.
But that’s not over. At times, you have relations with PR and it’s a task to gently decline.

6. Do you have to work hard?
OBVIOUSLY! Any industry you are in, you have to work hard. Any job is not easy. It is DIFFICULT! But then, if you love it and are truly passionate about it, it is amazing! Yes, there are people with bought followers and rigged content, but do you think that will work out?
It never has. I truly believe working hard is all that you have to. I mean I do see people not having half knowledge, starting days back and are getting amazing work and brands. Well I am happy for them.
But at the end, it is all about your conscience. The journey might be slow, hard, rough but at the end it is your journey. It depends on what road you want to take.
Just saying something from experience, it is fulfilling and enriching to see the fruits of your hard work and not to forget the experiences that make you learn.

And we have to be on the phone all the time. Juggling apps and everything. However interesting does it sound, after a point, you just feel like shutting it all down. It is tiring to all the time browse and keep yourself updated.
It is like phone becomes more of your lifestyle.

I am just like you! An ordinary girl on her way to fulfill the dreams. I am as normal as you are. I do have my downtime. I just want to tell you one thing

“Don’t compare yourself to somebody on the social media. Do not fall under delusion as it is all an illusion. It is okay if you don’t have such a happening life as people there or less followers or even no comments. IT IS OK! IT IS FINE!
Ever you feel like TALKING out or asking me anything, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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