Tick tick tick

Sometimes you have been waiting to do so many things when you actually get free from doing what you don’t like but you still have to .
And when you finally get free , sometimes you just stop . Pause . Relax . And actually don’t do what you have been waiting to do as you are tired , bored and just feel like doing #nothing .
But then when you lie down on the bed , just before going to sleep , you feel guilty of wasting #time . But then next morning , you rise thinking it’s going to be better . I am going to do better but then again back to normalcy and then you again wait for tomorrow for a fresh start . And that tomorrow prolongs to two months .

I was going to start writing here , two months back . Just the day , exams would end . But then I wasted time . I didn’t write . I didn’t do anything . I just did #nothing except going out , meeting people up & sleeping , watching useless tv shows . 
And now when it has dawned upon me , that “oh , hell yeah vacation is coming to an end soon ” , I crave for the lost time. I have 3 weeks exactly beginning from today for the results .

And my bucket list for this vacation was to write a lot on the food front , blog , reviews , how to grow , read & read & read and get acquainted more , learn new words , start dancing . ” 
What did I do ? #nothing 
And now it just struck me . But I am going to take these 3 weeks and do something . Really do something . Make this count . Get a new spirit inside me . 
Aren’t we all somewhere like this ? We don’t realise it ourselves unless it is lost .. We know it will hurt , we have heard from everybody about it . But only when it hits you , you feel it .

Just like the waves on the sea , only when they touch your feet , you feel them . And no wave ever repeats … No same wave ever comes back ….

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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