DILEMMA …. A Choice to make

I am here alone . Standing , sitting , walking , running , moving , standstill . I am confused . A confusion which I cannot share with anybody , a DILEMMA . It’s so underneath , it’s inside me , like an inside battle . I want to go and tell somebody , shout it out , scream it . But then I am a human . I am human”e” . For the people you love , you could do anything . Sacrifice your own love for the one who you love . Sacrifice your own love for responsibilities and obligations to fulfill . Sacrifice your own love for stability and security .Your “OWN” love is not just a human being , but your own “PASSION” , THE FIRE WITHIN YOU , THE INNER YOU . The you , who wants to run hills and paint , the one who wants to become an astronaut since a kid , the one who wants to break stereotypes , the one who wants to become a DJ.”But then it always doesn’t work as we were kids . We grow up , we become matured . We are a part of the entwined human race and relationships ! We have to make a CHOICE ! A choice as per people , a choice to define your future , a choice which could ruin you , a choice which you could maybe learn from , a choice which could take you to zeal . And you are in a DILEMMA my friend . A dilemma between the HEART and the MIND .

Sometimesit happens that they both agree to sync but many times it happens that they differ . Worldly pleasures , security , money , family drive us . And  “our emotions derive from where our focus is driven” “Oh I want to become an actor . But oh what would people say? What if I fail? It is so unstable . I don’t have a financial backing . I have to support my parents and make them happy”” It’s better to get a degree first and then do what you like . It’s better to have a security .”And if that’s not enough … Statistics pour in .. “1/100 become successful . What if I am in those 99” . “Oh I want to become a counsellor but most of the times it barely pays than a corporate job , and I also want luxury , so I guess I will drop counselling” “Oh , I am smarter than him . I deserve the best MBA school . But I don’t have the money to pay the fees even after receiving a scholarship.” “Oh I have finished two years already in this course , if I leave what will people say or think , what about the money , I shall be behind my classmates , ” ( but hey what about you having saved 20 years of doing something you don’t like) Some of us make the right choice by choosing what we love and making it your so called “paying bread and butter “job” ” .And some of us just wait for the road to take us to the destination . Some of us have certain obligations what can’t be shared , what are underneath you . Some of us really need the money and security . Some of us just don’t know .And it’s “okay” . Sometimes it’s just “okay” to be in a dilemma . Sometimes you have to do something you not like for somebody . But after you do it , do what you love . There are 100 excuses and hardships for not doing it , but then there is one excuse , the strongest one to do it is that “YOU LOVE IT .

It’s that time when your mind works the best as you are creative and focussed , the time when your heart pounds . Voila ! You created a melody with the beat of the heart and the tune of the mind ; the most soothing music for your “soul” .There is Internet . Make the best use of it . At night when you are tired working on a 9am to 5pm hatred job or the weekend , spend time learning what you love . You tube , coursera and million sites are all there .And If you have a choice , do what you love . We don’t give up on love right ? We fight for the people we love , then why not fight for your passion , your desire , your “YOU” . ?? And it’s never , never late to get back to your passion , to get back to your love . It will still welcome you with open arms .

Just keep the LITTLE SPARKLE of BELIEF inside you , light it and see how it IGNITES , how it LIGHTS YOUR LITTLE WORLD , how your LOVE & PASSION create the most MAGICAL FIREWORK you have always wished so far , how your little dream turned into a reality … !YOU CAN . It’s not easy . BUT FIGHT for what you love . And YOU WILL see the MAGIC !DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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