New Menu New Flavours @mainland china


Mainland china has been known for years for its buffets and authentic Chinese food.

What was it?
I just went to mainland china for the new menu at Andheri and let me tell you that new menu was fully of new flavours.

How’s the place?
It has two sections. One is a complete fine dining and another one is general dining.

What did you order?
I tried litchi mocktail. I really liked it as they infused mojito and had used fresh lychee.


1. Edamame Dumplings with truffle oil
Truffle oil is being used in lot of dishes and off lately though being European, it is being used in other cuisines too. The Dumpling was decent.

2. Vietnamese noodle clear soup
It doesn’t have a taste but a great dish for clearing your palate

3. Truffle flavoured zucchini springs rolls
If you like truffle oil, you will love this.

4. Crispy lotus Stem with curry leave and black
I really liked this as it was crunchy and had a very long lasting flavour to it.

5. Steamed Chinese greens and Tofu in a mild ginger sauce
This was the main course. I actually liked how authentic they had kept the dishes yet brought innovation

6. Steamed jasmine rice
A breakaway from your natural rice so I would say a yes!

7. Japanese wheat noodles with vegetables
Really succulent and filled with flavour is what I would call this.

8. Chocolate dome with warm chocolate sauce
Okay, let me tell you, this was completely sinful. I have had a blast at digging onto the brownie, the honey noodles and all!


Is it value for money?
I would call it affordable as it’s great for the quality they serve. Also do try their buffets for a good deal

Anything else?
At times there are offers for this restaurant on dine out and stuff, so check it out

Mainland China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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