Grand Hyatt just got its all new hepp club : China House Lounge


China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt

Say more…
It is newly opened lounge at Grand Hyatt with cocktails taking you back in time and appealing you.
It plays commercial music and after 11pm, it turns out to be one of the coolest places where you can spot atleast some celebrity if you are lucky

Well, we saw Kapil Dev !

Is it expensive ?
Hell hell yes. It’s a five star plus a club

Is it value for money?
I don’t know how to answer that question as obviously it is expensive and being a five star the prices are hiked

What did we order?


Mob Bossss

White and dark rum, pulpy orange juice, homemade almond syrup
Let me narrate you the story behind this

Once Mob Boss was on his one of his famous exile in Hong Kong, this exile always made him emotionally low, to gear up his mood and forget his circumstances he preferred gulping dark and white rum, however the era never allowed him to be a peace and sip the rum, he once decided to take a stroll in the gardens of orange a thought struck him that he can enjoy his rum by mixing it in the orange juice and no one will catch hold of him, and this unknowing event created lounge’s most amazing cocktail THE MOB BOSS

2. Navari
Gin, Gauva juice, simple and sour syrup, chatka masala

And the story behind this
The old golden days hospitality meant staying in the houses of the host and not luxury hotels, Navvari is a creation based on the hospitality of a very warm Maharashtrian lady, Once a Chinese businessmen was on his business tour in Mumbai and wanted to relax after long day of meetings and he found a house, where he was astonished to see a lady dressed in the traditional Maharashtrian wear (navari sadi) and offering him the refreshing welcome drink, The business men was craving for his favourite sprit GIN to relax him the moment the welcome drink touched his taste palate a thought with lighting speed struck him that what if the GIN was added to the drink and there he decided to dedicate this cocktail to the hospitality of Maharashtra go local

Each cocktail is priced 1200₹ plus taxes

Coming to the food,

What cuisine?
So the good part is they get food from three restaurants they have – Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisine .

What did you have ?

So I tried the noodles which were slurpy and nice.
The mini burgers were good.
The tandoor Aloo was roasted perfectly and had that spicy flavour

I found the BAOS a bit dry.
The vegetarian food was pretty limited. So can’t really comment on the whole


Do have the whisky chocolate brownie. It’s so rich in its textures and flavours are so strong that you will crave for more

Also the tiramisu cones are crunchy and the peculiar coffee flavour speaks in the dish


Say something in one line:
Loved the ambience and hospitality and would just end up going there for a hepp night


China House Lounge - Grand Hyatt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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