Get Farzified at it’s all new outlet at Phoenix, Lower Parel

Farzi cafe has opened its door at Phoenix Lower Parel

Tell me about the ambience ?
It is hustling with new decor which speaks of wooden walls and ceiling with a tall bar setting

Is it expensive?
It is expensive say non vegetarian food and alcohol (two cocktails) would turn out to be 3000-3500 for two

Is it value for money?
The restaurants by Karla Chain are all about the experience and have set a name for themselves . Also they give a twist to the ingredients so I would say a yes.

What did we order ?


1. Farzi Tina
It is Vodka orange lime vanilla lime juice and passion fruit soda . I found this pretty normal and nothing extra ordinary.
Rating : 2/5

2. Farzified bong
This drink made it totally up!
It is Vodka rum gin peach lime juice and cranberry juice . The way it is presented is amazing. Also it totally gives you the kick
Rating : 5/5

Let’s get to food

1. Jeera namak para ( chilled avocado soup)
I liked the cold soup a lot. It tastes a lot like paani Puri .
Rating : 5

2. Ratatouille gujjiya
This had a very differently tangy taste making it amazing
Rating : 5


3. Duo of stuff mushroom
I found it a bit like spicy . But a good twist to the Wada Pav
Rating: 4

4. kacchi dabeli
To be honest I found this hyped as our normal dabeli tastes amazing. But the presentation was good.
Rating : 3

5. Paneer taka tak Bao
Crispy Thai veg Bao
These two BAOS were amazing. Loved the paneer one the most
Rating : 5

6. Desi chow mein
Loved it completely. Again the chow mein is very slurpy along with great taste
Rating : 4.7

7. Matka Chole
They have kept it simple with chole and small bhatures
Rating : 4.5

6. Flourless chocolate bar
This is THE BEST! What kind of amazing chocolate have they used! It is a total melt in the mouth

Rating: 6/5 haha

Describe the place in one line:
Would go here again to please eyes and amuse myself with innovation


Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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