NYE getaway @Leela, Mumbai


Getaways are something what keeps one sane with the insane city of Bombay where everyone even while sleeping are chalking down things what to do for the next day.

So I chose the Leela at Mumbai for my next stay and it was pleasantly nice

First question. How much ?
So I booked it through make my trip almost 3 months back and and and, I know it’s incorrect English to use the word thrice but the deal was whopping for 6000 only INCLUSIVE TAXES and INCLUSIVE OF BREAKFAST and wait till you here me out . I booked it for 31st December.

So all of you out there, budget luxury is all about I believe in!

How was it?
Okay how does your face turn if the room is not okay . So you go down and tell the staff . And then get an UPGRADE to the ROYAL CLUB SUITE on the 7th floor .

Come on, say more .

The room had a beautiful living room with television, magazines, chocolates and fruits. The bedroom had a king size

How’s the hotel?
The hotel is beautiful. It has golden chandeliers and beautiful poolside . I really liked how they have used lot of plantations to cover up the slum city view feels. They have good restaurants . They have a spa and a gymnasium as well

What will make you go back to the hotel?
The vibe at the hotel is just so nice and it’s one of the few hotels in Bombay that are spacious and calm.

What’s the best memory from the stay?
Has to be the staff. They are simply amazing. One minute of being lost and you will see people helping you. May it be food or cleaning, there is always a greeting.

How was the breakfast?

The breakfast was really good. From cheese grilled tomatoes to Epigamia yoghurt, they had it.

They had healthy options as well like lot of sprouts and veggies . The fresh juices were good too. Also they had other options for desserts like danish, croissants 🥐 and muffins.
South Indian food was also served .


#TGJtips : there are lot of food joints in and around . You could obviously order it through swiggy and uber eats . A cheaper option for you all . Also if you craving for Indian, paratha world is a great option for delivery . Have their pizza paratha.
Also there are lot of party places in and around.

What could have been better there?
Umm they charge for wifi.
During the evening time, there are lot of crows during the poolside .
Thirdly, they don’t have a library or recreation games

Anything else?
The stay was amazing overall

Please note the stay was not sponsored in any way and the opinion belongs to TGJ



By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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