Instagram worthy food & drinks at the new bandra cafe : Scribble Stories


Scribble Stories is the newest place opened in the lane of not so any more list of hidden joints opposite Lilavati Reclamation.

Scribble Stories has a simple nice décor to it like a café should be. Wooden furniture takes over with hints of mint green color here and there.

I loved the place for the simple reason – FOOD.

Food has to be good for me to take back.  Chef Nester has done a great job by keeping it authentic .

Presentation is bang on. There is no use of extra equipment or smoke or fire coming here and there, something which I am not so fond of as it only looks good but many times doesn’t taste good.

Presentation here is using simple ingredients and it all makes it Instagram worthy completely. Every dish is pretty look and pretty good in its taste.

Beginning with the glitterati cappuccino, it looks all shimmery and cute but tastes just like normal cappuccino.

Next up my macarons, I absolutely loved the raspberry one. Also the macarons have a galaxy presentation.

Next up I had the Lebanese salad and it was great. The falafel balls were amazing.

Hummus was on point. I loved the tomato omelette. It was fabulous. It was so flavorsome.

Next up, I tried the dip with lavash and accompaniments and it was like any other dip and bites.

The watermelon feta salad was also good. It was very fresh.

I loved the thai curry completely in all its terms. It was so perfect. The usage of lemon grass had uplifted the dish completely.I even liked the pesto risotto.

Ended it with tres leches. Personally I am less fond of milk cakes. But if you are fond of the same, then surely you must try it as its very fluffy and soft.

Overall, really liked the taste of the food. As after all post the ambience and presentation, what pulls one back to the place is the food. It is all about the food. Healthy delectable food is all what this café is about. Further coming to the price, it mid priced like any Italian joint.


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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