Hakuna Mimosa!

 It means “Brunch Time” . Sunday brunches are all about  “spoilt for choices” desserts while champagnes flow and mocktails welcome.  Pastas are tossed up and pizzas are baked; sushi is rolled and noodles are fried. There are giggles all over while everyone is content as there is a choice of cuisine for all. “

JW Cafe, coveted as one of the best brunches in Bombay is a summation of all this. Being Christmas, I feel the city has a different vibes with christmas tree decoration while eyes call you towards the ginger bread houses.
So as I entered the cafe, I was mesmerised as desserts greet you. The display of desserts drooled me. There were simple white props holding the desserts like a little elite cute tea party. From  cupcakes hanging to lollipops places, to the donut beautifully hung to chocolates placed. It was one of the widest spreads I have seen.
There was everything you could think of. Cakes – yes. Being christmas – Plum Cake yes, raisin cake yes. Being strawberry season, strawberry tarts- yes. , strawberry  short cake – yes. And not to forget the Indian sweets, motichoor ladoo, besan ladoo,  rasgullas. Coming back, I really loved the old fashioned dutch truffle. I know it is very classic but the richness of the chocolate really impressed me.
There was oreo cheesecake, raspberry meringues, fruit gateaux  to everything I could think of.
Whenever I sit down and write about brunches, it is a task and a dilemma as to what to write, how much in depth to write and how much to cover.
So I had decided that I wouldn’t eat main courses and save a lot of space for the desserts.
Then I see chaat cart. From kachoris to samosa to dahi bhalla to sev puri to paani puri, everything was present. Then I walk further to meet salads.
And oh they were exotic! From Greek salad to grape fruit with feta, there was quite a lot. Also cheeses and dry fruits on the other end.
Then I walk across the elaborate Indian section which contained everything from biryani to makke di roti. I was already full at watching so much food.
Then the frankie station says hello to me with spices laid and veggies to pick. Oh and did I not mention the tawa pulav? Yes . You stand there and they make it for you with your choice. And let me dedicate one line to the dedicated sushi counter.
They have a huge sushi live kitchen where they make it for you.
Also yes lets go Italiano with woodfire pizzas and variety of pasta. If thats not it, there is is also Thai to please your taste buds. And yes not to forget the yaki noodles and udon noodles and all of it.
Do you already feel its a lot of food?
Allow me to mention about feeling like a kid when you say ladens of baskin robbon icecream with a lot of toppings. Thats not it, there are tubs of candies lying for you as well. And then there is a dedicated waffle counter with a choice of spreads.
And then welcome the drinks. There is moet chandon embracing the place. A Christmas tree is made from the bottles and the glasses while mocktails are made and cocktails are churned.
While I attempted to taste by having one bite of each, I was impressed that there was barely any room for error.
So if you are thinking of a luxurious sunday affair, then this should be one of your pics

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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