Embracing YOU at estella


You know the exuberant smile on your face when the wind just blows past & waves greet you; while the scintillating sunset drapes you in pink and purple. It was synonymous to that. Then you slurp onto your iced tea and & just do nothing . Yes do NOTHING. You just stand right there and let the beauty sink in while you pause and just BE. Yes BE and make that moment. Make a moment worth to look back on. That’s to sum up estella.


Estella is a beautiful elite place by the beach. You shall see people walking by the beach. While you just sit with your little candle lamp and soak into the soft music and hog onto the devouring food. It is very expensive but the food is great and view is worth it.


#TGJ TIP : Do reach at sharp 6pm due to early sunsets in winters. I missed it and repented.
I ordered an iced tea which I found really average.

Beginning with my food :

Smashed avocado and smoked jalapeño with pumpkin falafel and quinoa : I absolutely loved this dish . Everything just blended beautifully together.

Grilled polenta steaks : This was good too but less preferred

Mushroom Tofu quinoa Patties : This one was absolutely wonderful in all its ways

Cottage cheese kebab with Jong Kong sauce and aglio Olio noodles ! I really liked the flavours of this as they were strong and blended perfectly well !

Swiss chilly potato rosti – This was again a surprise in its own way and was great !! Loved how can such a strong smoky flavours

The dessert I tried was beautiful. The strawberry parfait is so consistent and delicate . The textures that the dish holds is commendable.

Coming next had the chocolate ganache mousse which is 3 layered and the strong to mild flavours compliment is surprisingly nice


Overall it was a scintillating sojourn with sea and sand . It is an expensive affair but it’s sometimes fun to indulge and experience



By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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