Jehan Numa Retreat , a natural therapeutic home to Rewind , Relax , Reinvent and Rejuvenate


“A vacation must be calming, soothing where you can refresh yourself & be ready to tackle work

Where you can reinvent yet feel at home ”


Jehan Numa retreat is a nature’s paradise . It is the natural escape away from the bustling city which acts as your perfect vacation destination .
Having been brought up in Bombay since the past 20 years , I am so used to the bustling city but during my vacation all I need is peace where I can rejuvenate myself .

India boasts of natural beauty . I chose this Place mainly as it so natural and gorgeous , that as you step here you feel at peace . You know the feeling when that heavy weight is lifted off your shoulder and you are just relaxed , yes I would term this as this .

As you step in , there is wooden rustic furniture lying around . As you approach the room , there is fresh air bursting .
I open my room and I am stunned . I see a beautiful huge room with seating area . Wait till I unveil my entire description of the room .
My bathroom had an open shower ! Hell yes !

Then I opened my balcony and is so exotic . There is natural beauty surrounded . The balcony is right amidst the plantations where you can sit for hours .

So I checked in , got fresh and then planned my stay of two days .

What to do at the property ?
1. Take the Nature’s Walk . The property is built in 12 acres . 3 acres are the rooms and 9 acres consists of natural yards . I see farmers working . They have natural cabbage , sugarcane , tomatoes , arugula , etc grown in there . The walk is just therapeutic.
2. Do the bird watching . As you get out of your room or even when you keep your balcony open , you will be welcomed by the melodious chirping sound of the birds . There are different kinds of unique birds and spotting them is such a pleasant site

3. Have a private dinner amidst the jungle underneath the fairy lights and private waiter Yes , have you dreamt a fairy tale proposal or watched a movie ? This one is straight that . No exaggeration. Beautiful fairy lights all over , candles are light , the trees at swaying while you are mesmerised 😍. DO PLAN THIS FOR YOUR LOVED ONE

4. Have a buffet under the Jamun Tree . Yes , the place is surrounded by beautiful purple wild grass . Do try the lemon grass iced tea as it’s made from the fresh grown lemon grass inhouse . Also have the lemon coriander soup . It’s just so beautiful to eat there as all you can see is greenery around

5. Go for a swim amidst the natural setting. The pool also has a soothing music which will just make you feel relaxed .


What to do around ?

1. Wake up one morning at 7am . Jehan Numa retreat has a backside short cut to Van Vihar National Park . Rent a cycle there costing barely 20₹ for two hours with entry fee of around 50₹ .

Taddaaa , You are exported into the most scenic natural Safari . Say hello to the birds in the lake or deer on the grass or if you are lucky watch the tiger besides . It’s a 7km drive one way . They allow cabs too with 250₹ fee . But take the cycle if you can , it’s just exotic .

2. Watch Gauhar mehel . It was a Mahal created for queens leisure . The palace is in ruins now but as you stroll further , history will come alive . From her dressing room to secret rooms , you will be stunned
3. Go see the Masjid – it’s the biggest in Asia .

4. Go boating in the city of lakes – Bhopal . Personal recommendation take the row boat where the person will row it for you and you can sit back and relax . Go there around sunset . The boat costs around 250₹ for an hour or so .
Also you can try the local markets there . Nothing to shop much in Bhopal though ! But go to Manohar , Bhopal if you have a sweet tooth

Points 2,3,4, 5 can easily be covered in one evening . Leave by 3.30 pm and all shall be sorted .
5. Go watch the Sanchi Stupa (Sadly I missed this one) . But it’s a world heritage site and 1.5 hours away . The Sanchi stupa is done up beautifully.

There is uber over there . So it’s very easy to travel anywhere over there .

Best months to travel : November to February

Cannot forget the Warm staff at Jehan Numa Retreat who made me feel at home . They were so nice that I remember names of everyone . From guiding me where to go to helping me book a cab to serving me Warm food to cleaning my room .
Kudos !
Mr Wincent , the Manager – you are a kind soul .

Do go there ! You will be mesmerised by the magic nature can do !




By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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