Jehan Numa Palace, a royal abode in the city of Lakes – Bhopal


“Don’t judge a place for your myths. JUST GO.SEE for your own self. Explore. !ncredible India”

When I first heard Bhopal for a vacation spot, I had a typical reaction like “ Eww, How would Bhopal be”
I have travelled a lot of parts in Madhya Pradesh but never Bhopal. Still for curiosity sake, I took the chance.
And Oh Buoy!! It was the best chance.
As my flight was landing, all I could see from my flight window was waterbodies & greenery.
I landed and there I saw my driver from the Jehan Numa Palace waiting for me.
As I travel through the roads from the airport to the hotel, I see well plantations, sign boards and not a speck of dirt. I was already surprised.

“Welcome To Jehan Numa Palace”
As you enter, you feel warmth of hospitality already. Everyone is doing Namaste and greeting you with smiles.

As I am walking towards my room, the royalty of the place is just sinking in.
And as I opened the room, I am welcomed by a chocolate brownie engraved with my name.
You know that’s what hospitality is all about. That’s what makes the little difference.

Coming back, I was staying in the Imperial category of rooms. My room was spacious with a choice of olden era kind of furniture.
Hola! My room has a beautiful verandah where I can sip onto my coffee.
No I am not done as yet. I mean sip onto my coffee while hearing the melodious tapping of horses overlooking the poolside.


Yes, you read it all right. The owners of this property have a fetish for horses. The horses come for their walk twice in a day. The sight is something to behold.

I then moved for a scrumptious breakfast. The breakfast spread was wholesome with muesli, juices, nuts , fruits , waffles , cookies , poha , paratha and more.

What to do in the property?
 Stroll in the property. Yes I mean it. The beautiful courtyard with the fountain will make you refreshed whereas the pictures on the wall of the ancestral history will make you wonder with awe.


 Do try out their different restaurants. Chef Akash, the executive chef has curated delicacies from around. I tried the Oriental cuisine which they have recently started and it was on point.

 And if you go to Bhopal and don’t try the kebabs, then have you even been to Bhopal?
The restaurant “ under the mango tree” is legit made under the shelter of mango trees and speaks of Nawabi Era cuisine . If you are a non – vegetarian, YOU HAVE TO TASTE THE MUTTON SEEKH KEBAB.

I had the rajma galouti kebab and oh god! It melted in my mouth. Also the Cottage cheese tikka is amaze.
Have their buffet spread please. You will be spoilt for choice. Try the beetroot halwa please.

After having eaten the buffet spread, you shall crave for something Continental. The La Cuchina is your royal Italian Joint. Woodfire pizzas and broccoli soup are my recommendations.

Take a dip in the pool. The pool is built amidst the royal property and is very refreshing.

What to do in Bhopal?
The travel desk at the Hotel is very helpful. And all Hands down to the MP TOURISM, who have done great to promote the local culture.

 Do visit the tribal museum which is nearby to the hotel :
Usually we all find museums very boring and uninteresting. I am maybe one of you. But do go to this museum. It is a 3D museum where the local craftsmen from different locations were called to create the museum. From Tribal huts to vessels to artefacts to celebration of festivals, you will be awed , awestruck with the awesomeness around

Go for a breathtaking sunset overlooking the lake on a weekday to Wind N Waves:
Wind N Waves is a property owned by MP Tourism. Choose the upper most deck. Go there by around 5.15 pm. It is not a very high class property but serves cheap food and the most amazing view.
So you will be mesmerized by nature. Imagine the pink hues of the silhouette sky overlooking the beautiful sky with dearth of tranquility

 Let History greet you , Hello Bhimbetka caves:
The ride to Bhimbetka caves is around 1.5 hours from the property. It is ranked as the number one world heritage site for rock painting followed by France and Spain. The painting done by tribal is still intact. The caves are just a depiction of the beauty that India has to offer


More coming up in the next blog

Lastly but most importantly Kudos to the staff! The General Manager Gaurav Rege , he has transformed the hotel by infusing modernity yet keeping olden culture intact. The entire staff from housekeeping to drivers to the servers – everyone is so kind hearted which makes you just smile.
Also the owner Mr Faiz Rashid is a person with bespoke humility despite the royal ancestrals. He is a man with insights!

Do visit Bhopal & stay here. Mostly even you will be one of me, who cannot wait to go there again.


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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