Find a fashionable bistro in the heart of Kalaghoda

Situated in the hub of Kalaghoda amidst bustling restaurants , Aka bistro is your modern art interiors goals . I am not exaggerating it but it’s a fusion of fashion and food and combined beautifully.
As I stepped in, I was mesmerised by the interiors what the place has to offer .

There is modern well thought pieces of art everywhere by the window . While magazines are hung by the lamp, different kinds of work like painted dishes, dresses with mingled artificial food cannot go unnoticed.

It sums up to a perfect a place for high tea.
Every dish on the menu is inspired from a fashion statement. I ordered a pink chiffon for drinks which is a cranberry inspired drink.

Then I ordered for falafel . The falafel was so wholesome and fresh , I couldn’t help but gobble it down.


The sour crepes are served with lot of veggies again serving as a healthy option.

I then opted for a burger which was totally yum . They had given a cottage cheese Patty served with fries and sour cream which acted as my indulgent perfect snack.

Then I called for blueberry cheesecake. It’s great for people who are fond of authentic cheesecake.
I am somebody who likes normal cakes more than the cheesecakes. The blueberry component was a bit less in the dish.

Overall I browsed along the menu, I had such a lovely time just reading at the variety of dishes they offer.
This place is something which gives me the feeling of stepping into an artistic fashion boutique with great food so it’s a win-win !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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