Talaiva , the new party addition to the Kamla Mills.


As you step in , you are welcomed by warm staff guiding you towards your table .

Coming to the ambience of the place, there are dim lights hanging, different sections having different cushions and a bar. They also have a Sheesha section.

They have a huge drinks menu. I ordered from their signature cocktail menu- Grapefruit sour with pomegranate. I would term it as a very smooth drink which acted as a good combination with my food.
Lets start with the food. So they have two sections to the menu – continental and indian, thereby appealing to all age groups. I love both kinds of food, so I thought of ordering from both the sections.

I wanted to try unique stuff away from the mundane. So I called for beetroot galouti which was so good. The beetroot was so perfectly made and also the yoghurt dollop on top was a perfect accompaniment.


Then I called for wild mushroom samosa. Yes , this combination may not appeal to all but it tasted out of the world and was heavenly for mushroom lovers. The infusion of thyme brought the dish together. Then next called for goat cheese pizza which was good too . It is 10inch pizza.

To end the main courses called for lasagna. The lasagna was layered with lots of veggies and was good too.

Called for chocolate mousse cake and I really loved it. I am keeping it simple. The mousse has a chocolate crunchy base which went perfectly with the soft texture of the mousse.

Also called for gajar ka halwa which was average.

Plus – Friday Nights and Saturday Nights , they play Bollywood music post 10pm . Cover charges – Rs 2000.

Cannot wait to get again and groove to the music while hog into some food.



By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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