Romano’s your go to place for authentic Italian food !

When you step into this place , you are welcomed by the high ceilings , dim lights and super smiling staff.
You are transported to authentic Italian food with handpicked ingredients while the aroma of the wine enraptures you.

Having tried so many places , I don’t know but this place has some magic . From The courteous staff to the huge portions to the usage of exotic ingredients , everything just makes you feel like you are still at home to have a huge Italian meal .

To commence , I begin with the wine . I chose an Italian wine . The flavour was strong as I am a dessert wine drinker but I still liked it .
I have had the best soups in a long long time.

Minestrone soup which is such a simple soup but barely few places master the art to this delicacy . Chef Roberto , all hands down to him


And and and the most unique of all , goat cheese carrot soup . The cheese was molten so the creaminess acted as a perfect blend with the carrot soup . You have to try this .

Coming to appetisers , the mushroom Bruschetta is heavenly for Mushroom lovers
I know you must be wondering why am I praising so much ? Because the quality of food along with its taste was so much on point that I can’t remove a flaw . And no usually I like criticising the food if not ok !

Do try the piadina alforno which is another appetiser for its flavours ,
The food here is not spicy and so wholesome .
Oh oh my my ! Next one as I am typing my mouth is watering – Burrata Cheese . The cheese was excellent- purely fresh .

Obviously you come to an Italian joint and not have pizza is not possible . The Woodfire pizza is delicious . The way they make their dough is stunning .

And then I had the wild mushroom risotto. It was presented so beautifully. I had a bite and I was exported into the world of authentic truffles and mushroom .

Then we came to the desserts . The combination of raspberry icecream with authentic tiramisu was spell bound . Both of them go so well together and I have gorged onto both

Next up , was the chefs special – Chocolate salame. It’s pure indulgence with the kind of rich chocolate they use .

The Chef Roberto is so kind and makes food with all his smiles which makes it better
Ashuli , the restaurant manager pretty much is a favorite amongst the regular guests .
While she came and spoke to me , three other guests come and say ” We visit this place only because she is there” . She is full of warmth and vibrancy


If it’s authentic Italian , it is Romanos

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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