Sunday brunching done right with Glass House , Hyatt Regency

What’s an ideal brunch they say ? Poolside , crates of desserts , wine flowing , confused souls wandering what to eat due to elaborate spread . That’s exactly what it was at Glass house .

I was impressed by the spread Starting with my favourites , the Chef had put in lot of thought and effort behind the desserts

From strawberry profitel to Indian sweets like Kashi katli there was all The jaamun cheesecake was a unique combination.

Also the stack of cupcakes lying made a very pleasant site . They had waffles pancakes and yes icecream in waffle cones too . That’s not about it !

They also had a cart of fresh fruits . I loved the spread .

They had displayed chowpatty gola and coconut water too .

Also they had selection of wines , cocktails and all They have a kiddies section too to play while the parents enjoy the meal . They had hummus peta bread to assorted pastas to pizzas

Oh yes did I mention ? There was fresh juice being churned for you That’s not it , they also had chaat counter . I know I am using a lot of also but I can’t help it as they had so much .

Kebabs , Biryanis, starters they had it all . Not gonna forget to mention the Warm staff and efforts a chef puts behind . Overall had a beautiful brunch !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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