Hello Guppy is all about affordable Japanese food

Hello Guppy is vibrant , chique affordable Japanese food place served to you . It is the newest offering from the Olive Group.

Starting with my drinks :

For guppys sake a unique blend of vanilla vodka and sake shaken with freshly muddle lemon galangal and lemongrass

Gummy drop strawberry and gummy pills with coloured sparklers

Then I had the Fruit tea

Which is Passion on the grass

Cranberry passion fruit kaffir lime and lemon grass sours

Starting with my food :

Crisp vegetable harumaki – this is really crispy and nice .

Oven baked exotic vegetable filo spring rolls served with yuzu miso sauce – is one was like a crispy spring roll served to you . Loved the textures .

Avacado cucumber and cream cheese roll – Have Japanese food and not have sushi is not possible ! Ioved the soft textures .

Teriyaki glazed artichoke and tofu soy glazed grilled artichoke and tidy served on a bed of seasonal greens – So I had this . They had big pieces of Tofu served with a very subtle sauce .

Garlic fried rice – I chose a very classic dish . The rice was soft with a strong flavour of garlic which went perfectly with my meal .

Coming to my desserts , That was the best part of my meal . The molten lava chocolate cake is to die for .

I would again go there just to eat that desert served with fresh blueberry icecream .I have not eaten such a good icecream in a long time .

Next was my parfait . Loved the presentation . They make icecream out of a local Japanese ingredient and make a cute bunny out of it . The parfait consists of fresh fruits with corn flakes and all . Very refreshing . Overall great chilled place for Japanese food .

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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