Candle light date by the sea

Masala Bar is your perfect choice of a dreamy date . Come on , you imagine . Situated by the sea . Surrounded by candles . Lit with dim lights .

Enjoying the sunset πŸŒ… if you reach by 6.30 pm . Extra 0.5 is just for the ambience . Coming to my drinks :

The great hornbys cloud – this is a great drink ! β€’

Malabar point – The names are inspired from natural beauty around . This had a very pungent taste and was smooth !

β€’ Sea side – Hello Sea side . This one depends on the taste buds

β€’ Carbon bhaji carbon pavilion – This is a different take on Pav bhaji . It is all black from bhaji to your Pav .

β€’ Channa tempura chat- I really liked this as it’s that perfect chaat feeling sweet and sour .

β€’ Figs and honey watermelon carppcio – This one is your salad . Reallly light .

β€’ Avacado beet cream sushi- I loved the sushi .

β€’ Yellow curry rissoto – The risotto was really tasty .

β€’ Asparagus and pockchoy biryani – Biryani made me feel like at home . It was served with raita on the side . Further the rice was perfectly cooked which made it so good . I tried only one desert as was pretty stuffed !

β€’ Bailey’s lollipop- this one is too heavenly for the ones who like baileys with chocolate . The lollipop was divine . Overall loved the place !

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