Going back to soul food with Arth

Arth is a pretty looking with intricate decor done by Gauri Khan . The restaurant is spacious . What pulled me to this place was the food . There was not one thing which I didn’t like . It was comforting , soul food . Eating wholesome food felt good .

Arth focuses on keeping techniques traditional yet incorporating modern twists .

Starting with my mocktails :

No rum fizz
Hibiscus , anise , cranberry- The presentation of this drink could be made better . And also the taste was bland .

Berry without
Red berries , anise , vanilla – I loved this . Subtle smooth and nice .

I thought of writing in mix match order so with my mains


Charcoal bharta
Baingan bharta , phulka – I loved this . The phulka roti is so soft . Literally made me remind of home . The bharta was full of flavour !


Pearl potatoes
Badami dum aloo , dahi ki khamiri rotis . Yes the potatoes were served and roasted perfectly


Litti chokha
Coal fired litti , aloo chokha – Do you remember this ? The traditional food . Oh it just took me back to the villages

Beeh dodah
Lotus stem , fenugreek , coriander , garlic , chive , jowar roti – I loved the roti . It was so wholesome . I like the usage of lotus stem to make the vegetable . And it’s nutritional value goes without saying .


Raw mango , Yam , sweet potato , carrot , beans ,palak dosa – The use of palak in a dosa and having so many different ingredients demonstrates something !

I had a crazy time at my appetisers


Morrels stuffed
Mushroom , walnuts – Yes I didn’t try any dish having cottage cheese but incorporated all different ingredients leading to a riot for my palate .

Rhododendron seekh
Pomegranate , yoghurt , mint – this was my favorite among the appetizers ! It had that strong flavour .

Banana flower baked
Black sesame , pistachio , prune – food . Taking you across , this one is the “Banana Flower Baked” . It had a very pungent taste with the little patty and was delectable


Naga wild mushroom gilawat
Red scallion , ulta tawa paratha – This one has usage of mushrooms and the strong taste blended perfectly with my mild paratha.

Kalimpong chesse chargrilled
Broccoli , cauliflower , fox nut – Oh ! You remember makhana? They had used makhana melted in cheese with broccoli . It was so good .


Yoghurt explosion
Tamarind chutney , stone-ground mint chutney , sev – The Yoghurt Explosion from @arthmumbai . It is made my technique of molecular gastronomy and is an appetiser . It tastes sour and sweet and is light .
Chef Arminder has done a fabulous job with the cuisine .

Coming to the desserts ,

As modern techniques grow, traditional techniques still have the power to make you crave for them . I absolutely loved the Malai Kulfi . They actually came in cart with bells and made this by our table .

The flavours made me remind of my childhood days . The falooda, rabdi was consistent and went perfectly !


The hot jalebis had my heart . I am coming again for the Rabdi .

The angoor Rabdi for so cute and light .


I liked the innovation of the paper sweet . It was like baklava but with a lot of flavours .

This place had everything in one . From modern decora to efficient Warm staff to elaborate food to good pricing .

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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