DeKoding it with Kode

Kode is the newest addition to the restaurants by Karla and also Kamla Mills .
It revolves around the concept of freestyle kitchen and bar .

Commencing with the decora , it is a pick of very rich elegant decor . From soft sofa cushions to high chairs to sit down chairs , they have it all .
You are welcomed by the square bar which is legit LIT .
Kode is known as the WHISKIPEDIA for its crazy collection which it hosts .

Let’s start with my cocktails


• BIRD EYE – This one was my favorite in terms of taste . It was just so smooth . Not to miss the fancy presentation – bird nest ! Hell yeah .

• PEARL OF CARIBBEAN – The Royal Pearl Caribbean had everything in it .
Sipping from that red huge glass felt something .
That was orange with gin alike along with the berry compote on the side .

• LIFE OF PIE – This one was also all fancy and good .
Old Fashioned is another drink – The drink is called “The Old Fashioned” . It aims to put all in one dish . Starter / Biting – Spinach Tortilla Chips . The drink contains whisky , and iced orange ball which gently melts and mixes with the whisky . The dried orange 🍊 just adds to the Cocktail . Ending the cocktail with dried sweet cherry !

Commencing with my menu :
I usually have a less preference for the salads and organic stuff . But something here from what I tried .

• TOGARASHI AND GARLIC OLIVES CHIVES CREME FRAICHE- I liked the mingle of olives with garlic .
• KALE & PINE NUT SALAD FRESH – POMEGRANATE- This is the classic combination which cannot go wrong . I loved the simplicity of this dish .

• AVOCADO CORN & PEPPER TACOS BEANS SAOSA- they had added corn which was great .

• MANCHEGO & TRUFFLE OIL MALDON SALT – Not many people like truffle oil but if you like it you will surely love this .
• SHITAKE & GREENS QUESADILLAS SPINACH DUST- I loved their quesadillas. Soft yet crispy and Warm .
• CORN CURD & ASPARAGUS TEMPURA SRIRACHA – This one also had a beautiful texture to the dish and the composition went very well .

I loved how the noodles blended with the coconut broth served with tossed vegetables

And now starting with my favorite section : DESSERTS

• BLACK FOREST MARASCHINO CHERRIES – The two “D”s – Desserts and drinks were my favourite picks from the freestyle kitchen and Bar – Kode . I loved all the desserts . This one was a heaven for chocolate lovers . It is is chocolate mousse with Black Forest soil and cherry compote .

• TIRAMISU – I usually am unable to find the perfect kind of tiramisu . This one was just so creamy , smooth and soft .
It was neither extremely sweet nor bitter . Yet the strong flavour of coffee was present which blended perfectly with my tiramisu !

• VANILLA BEAN PANNA COTTA SEASONAL FRUITS – hog onto the perfectly assembled pannacotta with fresh seasonal fruits . What stole my heart ?
It had beautiful fresh seasonal fruits including fresh blueberry and raspberry . . The vanilla beans were so fresh .

Overall , KODE was a beautiful night to slurp and hog !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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