The Roll Company is now open in juhu

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The Roll Company is now open in Juhu . I love TRC for the simple reason – wholesome scrumptious rolls .

It has a wide range of rolls .
I chose three different varieties in vegetarian.
Starting with Mushroom roll , the mushrooms were roasted nicely giving it that strong flavour .
The Bang Bang Batata had the yummy spicy flavour to it keeping it authentic yet tasty .
The paneer roll had a gravy which had a long lasting flavour . I loved the cottage cheese as it was so soft and delicate .

What I was surprised was with the pickle combination . The rolls combined with pickle tasted so delicious .

And ending my meal with the soft walnut chocolate brownie was heavenly . They were just gorgeous .
TRC packs it really well to ensure that the rolls are soft and intact .
What are you waiting for ?
Order it now

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