Innovating Food at Farzi


Farzi Cafe speaks of modern decora , most preferred for family seatings and elevating Indian cuisine with innovation yet not forgetting it’s roots .
Coming to the starters :

MINI RAJ KACHORI- They were so wholesome and reminded me of my grandmother’s homemade kachoris .

UPMA AND CURRIED MOZARELLA BITES – These were served with potato chips . It had a bland taste but tasted amazing with the combination of chutneys.

BESANT NAGAR CHILLY FRITTERS – They reminde me of the Bhavnagar chillies .
TEMPERED PINDI CHANNA- A simple tasty dish served to you with sweet and sour taste

FARZI STYLE BOMBAY TOASTIE – this was a dish from the monsoon menu . It reminds you of hogging onto that hot toast in the rainy weather
DAL CHAWAL ARANCINI – This is one of the signature dishes of the Karla range . It focuses on simple dal chawal balls keeping nutrition and taste alike
BISI BELE BHAAT – The very sought after South Indian dish is wholesome and yummy

WOK TOSSED VEGETABLES – These were the simple tossed vegetables with a yellow based curry and beautiful plating alike .

RAS MALAI TRES LECHES- This is one of my favorite dishes . I love the rasmalai as it’s perfectly assembled and is so so soft and delicate .

GHEWAR MALAI TART- The famous Ghevar is presented in a tart format with fruits like dragon fruit .
Coming to the mocktails :

FARZI OK – This is the signature mocktail which has a mix of different concoction presented in front of you .

GRENNY MINT ROYAL- I loved this one a lot . The green apple taste was so fresh . The mint foam on the top blended perfectly and gave it a refreshing edge. I chose this at the end of my meal .

LITCHI PANNA DESIRE- I liked this a lot to start my meal with . The combination of sweet and sour with simple delicate taste of Litchi was amazing .

Overall , it’s a place to bond and get amused by the unique presentation

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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