Get amused by the decora, Welcome to Bombay Adda


Mumbai is a name, Bombay is an emotion
It’s all about the vibe at this place . Very well thought decora combined with uniqueness and elegance is Bombay adda

Taking you inside Bombay Adda . This was my favourite seating amongst the various sections they have . They also have LOVE LOCK wall !
I liked the dining open seating section as the decor has been very well thought . It is a combination of elegance and minimalist. Use of artistic wooden furniture , green walls and lot of surprise photogenic corners and showpieces has made this place stand out . It has an eloquent outdoor seating area which just spells lot of positivity and good vibes . It’s gonna be AMAZE in winters .

Further they also have a lounge which turns into a crazy club . The club also has great wooden decor with lot of sparks in between like masks , lights and lot of drinks.

Starting with the drinks :

In and Out took my eyes as it had a beautiful presentation inside a box . And we had to take it outside for it taste amazing

Further coming to the next drink was the watermelon
Coming next to , the Heavens door mocktail which had watermelon content was really refreshing .

Further my favorite was passion fruit mocktail which had infusion of sweet lime and led to a pungent yet sweet taste which perfectly blended with my meal.
Commencing with the starters;

Hummusa was a beautiful twist to the mundane samosa . It had used hummus filling and tasted fabulous. They were Crispy and soft at the same time leaving a lingering taste to the tongue .

Next one was the paneer tikka , as common as it sounds . It was simple and soothing .

I also liked the watermelon Feta salad . The usage of fresh cheese with basil and fresh cut watermelon was light refreshing and amazing.


Monsoon season makes one crave for buttta. They had a very good idea of having butta along with sweet corn cut as well on the side .
This weather has some magic . And I crave for roadside food but due to hygiene reasons I avoid them.

The same was satiated with an amazing Chinese Bhel at Bombay adda .
They have picked up a lot of local bombay items on the menu.
Chinese Bhel was not oily yet Crispy and tasted perfect .

The Srilankan Curry 🍛 was a different experience as it had infused lot of spices with usage of coconut

I loved their Margarita pizza as it was just very simple yet great .

Mushroom Pasta was unique and tasted good too.

Further coming to desserts ,

Loved their tiramisu as it was just very subtle , creamy yet not sweet and the coffee flavour hit directly.
Also their chocolate mousse is supposed to be amazing .


Plus they have sheesha too !

You all should definitely try this place for a perfect chill afternoon or a crazy night .


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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