Shape of you

Behind the snapstories and insta stories of plathora of food , there lies me .
I am pursuing CA . With work being often on the computer sitting in one place and reviews night where you end up tasting everything; I don’t get time to exercise or even walk much . I am commuting through out the day in cabs . And now the question how am I so thin !?

To be honest I have put on 2kgs . But it’s not so visible . I was thinner .
So giving you some inside bits. I have hot water on waking up keeping my metabolism strong . I don’t have so much food as much you see in the stories . I taste everything in small bites . I don’t eat a lot at one time . I eat small portions every two hours . Due to the nature of my work , I eat a lot of unhealthy food and miss out on healthy nutrients . So I eat dry fruits , lemon water , juices , salads in the day at work whenever I am hungry . I have started having green tea .

And most of the days I don’t do any but just indulge . Only trick what works for me is small portions . And most of the times at tasting , I just have small bites and at home will have a glass of milk to keep my Calcium intact .

And yes I am healthy but not fit . Fitness is something I still have to achieve . I want to do basic exercises and be fit .

Fitness is crucial in the long run and even everyday to get that strength .
So that’s me . TheGlocalJournal for you .
I am in love with the shape of you.
All of you . As beauty is beyond shapes . It’s the inner mess . Further , indulge , binge , enjoy – live every moment . No regrets . But yes try to be fit 💃
I am in love with the shape of you.


By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .


  1. I love this post! Body love is so important. I totally get what you’re saying bc I feel the same way. I am healthy but I’m not exactly “fit”. My goal is to be toned but that requires working out a lot more than I do now!! And, like you, I love to indulge, but in small portions! Thanks for the great blog post!!

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