Lets flip

Flip Bar and Kitchen is the perfect chiller place with friends or family . They have upper seating for sheesha and board games while the below section is dedicated for family / friends . Simple decora , beating music and great food is what the place speaks .
The food is so so flavoursome . Chef Saif has kept dishes all different and unique thereby providing you variety of options and tastes . Starting with my personal favourite- Papa Ala Saif . It his special dish . There are potato slices with chefs magic sauce which is cheesy , succulent and blends extremely well with the dish .

Flip Bar and Kitchen speaks of some great mocktails . This one is the chef’s special “Kiwi Margarita” It is like a slush made of real good Kiwi and the slush keeps melting turning into a fun mocktail .

Sometimes it’s the simplest of dishes which make your taste buds dance .
This one is the Rendang Cottage Cheese . It’s tossed in a tomato based curry πŸ› having a coconut taste .

Further , taking you across through the entrees
The Chipotle paneer chilly has a twist to it with addition of the Mexican sauce .

Cowboy Nachos is keeping the Mexican flavour on . What did I like the most ? It was the spinach chips which were inhouse . The cheese and mayonnaise along with beans dwells really well .

Next one is the Mini cheese poppadom bites, they were perfectly cheesy .

Viennese mushrooms in cream. I loved them . The sauce was the key in the dish . It was perfectly creamy blending with the tanginess of the mushrooms.

Next coming to the main course ,
Basically there are great combinations may it be with Noodles or rice . All of it is done so well .
Grilled cottage cheese steak – The paneer was tossed and roasted perfectly topped with the gravy and added a great combination with the rice .

Jollof Rice ( African Biryani ) – This one had such a spiced up flavour . And rice was cooked so well .

Coming to the desserts ,
Red velvet shake . What I loved was the usage of red velvet cake on top , and hence it added a scrumptious feel.
Pretzel peanut butter shake. What caught my eyes was the usage of reeses (the peanut butter chocolate) and chikki . It actually took the shake to great level.

Flip Bar and kitchen has great food along with hookah and chilled joint !
They will be soon starting with alcohol as well

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .


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