Tuck away into berries from Mahabaleshwar at Bombay !


#BOMBERRY has opened up at Pop Up Hut , Kemps Corner . Beat the heat with delicacies from Maha tybaleshwar! Fresh strawberries and mulberries are delivered in the morning from Mahabaleshwar to BOMBERRY ….
Their mulberry cream took me on a little dream journey to Mahabaleshwar- so fresh & delicious… It consists of fresh mulberries , fresh cream and mulberry icecream ! Look at the colours in the picture , it takes you on a little unicorn getaway !
It’s available on weekends !

The ever favorite strawberry cream is so consistent yet filled with flavours and making you imagine your little dreamberry vacation!

For the chocolate lovers , have the chocoberry cream , it has Nutella , chocolate syrup , chocolate chips , chocolate icecream , strawberry icecream , strawberries and fresh cream .

Or have the rainbow 🌈, a mix of strawberry, mango , chocolate and mulberry

Also they have frankies made the Mahabaleshwar style !

And for the mango lovers , there is fresh mango cream !
Also they have waffle cups with fresh strawberry cream and strawberries and corn fritters …
You don’t wana miss out ! It’s there till May end only
#theglocaljournal #bomberry #foodlove #perpetuallyhogging

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .


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