Summery menu is out at Rolling Pin

PhotoGrid_1492495300111Popsicles, mangoes, long lazy days and an all new menu being rolled out! As the season of summer dawns upon us, get ready to stay cool and refreshed with The Rolling Pins healthy and happy new menu!

TRP has launched a new and impressive list of goblets! These delicious drinks including Orange Iced tea, Berry Bliss, Watermelon Mint Fresca and many more, designed to wipe that sweat of your brow! In the smoothies department, they have the scrumptious avocado and banana, the healthy green detox, Spice Pineapple and the Banana oatmeal cookie, which is bound to leave you geared up for the day. TRP has also started serving Freakshakes, including apple pie, hazelnut and nutella and Belgian chocolate! Talk about getting your daily dose of sweetness! They also have exotic teas like Strawberry and Aloe and White Velvet as well as coffees including Caramel Affagato and Fruity Siphon Americano!

In the salad and light bite section, TRP has maintained stuck true to its health motto and introduced a crunchy quinoa salad, roasted corn wheels and a DIY hummus platter amidst others. For those who prefer some cheese and paneer, TRP has paneer pretzel strips, colonel fries and truffle fries!

When it comes to Baos, TRP has cut no corners and created delicious options of Charcoal Kheema, Sticky Mapel Chili Paneer, and Black Bean Vegetable Baos. Not to mention their yummy BLT and homestyle pan grilled sandwiches! They have also started a new section on sliders and signature burgers such as Protein sliders and One pound burger! Your favourite junk food has now turned healthy!
TRP also has the universally popular Red Rice Risotto, Gluten free Lasagne and Hi protein Pav Bhaji. Deliciousness and health all in one!

Last but not the least, for all the sweet tooths out there, TRP has mouth watering, taste bud tickling pancakes for all. From Blueberry, to Nutella and Marshmellows and Salted Caramel and banana, these are to kill for! Not to forget their new dessert burger, cookie in a cup and Nutella cookie pan!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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