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I had been to the bloggers meet for Saffola’s new product Multigrain Flakes.
Shilpa Shetty Kundra and celebrity dietician Pooja Makhija were present .

Also featured in the Bombay Times issue , March 29 ,2017 – Page 3 .

I have always been a no breakfast person as breakfast means less 15 minutes of sleep in the morning . And I am neither a fan of healthy food but when I tried my breakfast comprising of yoghurt with Saffola multi grains and strawberry , it was so delicious . Moreover it felt better knowing that It was healthier and filling . Multi grains having cranberry pieces is my favorite !
I just realised I feel so much more vibrant by eating breakfast as it just not only starts my day well but also ends well .
They have flavours like nuttie which has almonds and raisins and lite for the health freak in you .

TheGlocalJournal recipes for Saffola Flakes :
1. Mix it with yoghurt – It is the perfect combination of textures where smooth meets crunchy and it’s just so healthy and filling .
2. Granola Balls – Take some honey ; and cut some almonds into thin pieces and take the multigrain Flakes . Mix them altogether and make them into tiny balls . Just grab it when hungry instead of junk
3. Pizza – Yes you heard it right ! Take the wheat based pizza dough , spray cranberry composte as your sauce ; some fresh cranberries / strawberries ; dark chocolate pieces (dark chocolate is supposed to be really healthy ; I chose the less calories one) and pour it with the multi grain Flakes . Your midnight snack just got amazing
4. Shake it up – Take some dates , almonds , fresh cream (Amul) and Flakes . Churn it properly till you see it all powdered ; pour it in milk and shake it ! Yummy milkshake ready !
5. Dip it – When you wana indulge ; dip them into NUTELLA and they taste heavenly ! So soft yet so crunchy … mamamiaaaa !
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