Snack it up with Whistles

Want Mid meal hunger pangs or Sunday afternoon snacks but in “Less than 100 calorie” packs and delicious ???
I got my hands onto these amazing small packs of Makhana (made from lotus seeds , fox nuts and gorgon nuts ) (Something like popcorn) from @whistlesnacks
Imagine gorging onto Afternoon “chai” (tea) and red spicy ūüĆ∂ makhanas – oh mamamia!
For the jains ; there is no onion no garlic flavour as well !
I love their cheese flavour as it’s the perfect combination of cheese and crunchy.
I tried putting some simple makhanas in a cheese grilled sandwich and the combination surprisingly worked well ; as the crunchiness of the makhanas with the flavours popping and soften grilled bread ūüćě made a duet !
In this age, we are all extremely conscious about making healthy eating choices when it comes to our main meals, however we sometimes loose track when it comes to snacking. Most times we end up grabbing the first thing we lay our eyes or hands on to satisfy our mid-meal hunger pangs.
This snack is so healthy and light .
I even tried a new funky twist to it . I had the cold sweet icecream and teamed with Desi Chat pata Makhana . It was sugar , spice & everything nice .

Their current flavours are: (available in two sizes: 20 grams & 60 grams)

1)  Sunshine (No Onion & No Garlic) Рsimilar to popcorn
2)  Sunshine (with Onion & Garlic) Рsimilar to popcorn
3)  Red Hot (No Onion & No Garlic) Рspicy
4)  Red Hot ((with Onion & Garlic) -spicy
5)  Cheesy
6)  Desi Chaat
7)  Peppery (No Onion & No Garlic) Рsalt and pepper
8)  Lime-n-Chilly (No Onion & No Garlic)

I prefer it as it’s highly healthy in term of protein, iron, fibre and calcium and yes , it’s delicious!
Grab your hands on this now !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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