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A Bar Called Life, a sprawling space serving innovative cocktails and modern Indian cuisine,
is now open in Juhu.
I loved the decora and the vibes to this place . It’s so modern yet so old age yet so beautiful yet so elegant .
The space offers a mix of indoor as well as al fresco seating options. The bar offers competitively-priced alcoholic beverages, with prices starting as low as Rs. 50 per drink each evening at 6:00 p.m., and rising every hour, on the hour, until 11 pm.
The outdoor seating comprises of green grass walls , dim lights , unicorn , screen , majestic chairs and open skies beautifully spaced out while you experience gourmet .

Designed to cater to a young, excitement-seeking crowd, A Bar Called Life undergoes a dramatic transformation, after dark. The buzzy, laid-back vibe that guests can enjoy from 6:00 p.m. onwards every evening will turn into a high-energy bar from 11:00 p.m. with the DJ making you groove to the beats ! The inside seating is bar themed with neon lights and beats of the music

Chakana / bitings

Popping tarbooza
Watermelon , crushed peanuts , feta and micro greens – this one was very basic and subtle

Kurkuri sabzi
Assorted crisp vegetable chips served with a tempered yogurt dip – 👅 yum yum

Moradabadi daal ki chaat
Jodha bai’s influence on the royal kitchens of the Mughal era gave birth to this dish of moong dal enjoyed with different toppings throughout the day

Poppadum and chutneys
Hand crafted poppadums and stone ground housemade chutneys

Chatpata life slider
Crisp potatoes with garlic and mint chutney in a pao – This was delicious as well

Mathri hor achaar taste
Traditional flaky biscuit from the North west region of India paired with housemade pickels – this one was average basically mathri

Akhrot malai broccoli
Chargrilled florets of broccoli – loved this combination ; thanks to the broccoli

Tootma paneer
Crunchy paneer chunks with chaledar onions – This one tasted good too

Paneer kathi roll
Spicy paneer tikka in roomali roti

Burrata kadak roomali
Crispy roomali topped with burrata and ripe tomatoes ! Oh the burrata cheese 🧀 is so fresh . Inspired from the south Italy ; this epicurean cheese is wonderland !

Starting with the drinks 🍹
Life hastaakshar
All these drinks can be made without alcohol too and taste better !
Vada pav
A mumbaikar true love made in an alcoholic form with curry leaf syrup , tomato juice and whiskey- I found this really okay

Angoori madira
A royal drink with a blend of grape juice , egg white and tequila

Seab chini
Apple juice mixed with fennel , cinnamon and whiskey

Vishudi chai
Blend of herbal tea made with basil , organic jagerry and spiced rum

A classical cocktail with indian twist , made with white rum and choice of liquor badam / kharbooza / kaffee

Meetha Pan
For all pan lovers , in house concoction of gulkhand syrup , orange bitters and vodka- this tastes amazing ; it all goes beautifully together

Mellow mixes of compari , white wine and vodka- wrapped in candy floss and a steaming pink shade this one will make you want more

Kadi patta mojito
Summer drink with blend of curry leaf , mustard seed and white rum – I found this okay

Pani puri
A delicacy from the local indian street food made with pani puri masala and vodka

Kacchi keri
Harmony of raw mango syrup with gin – This one will please your palate and refresh you

Taaza kaalingar
Fresh cut watermelon infused with orange juice and vodka

Coming to the main course – khana
The food is basically North Indian and with a twist !

Kaali dal
Served with pudina paratha and khatta meetha nimbu – I loved this one ! It tasted so delicious

Dahiwale aloo
Cumin potatoes in yoghurt gravy served with churra and kachumber

Mutter ka kulcha
Green peas stuffed kulcha served with thin gravy

Rajma chawal
The quintessential North indian red kidney beans and rice dish – This punjabi dish is evergreen

Punjabi kadhi pakodi
Served with steamed rice

Amabarasia chole kulcha
Served with kulchas , lassi and baby jamuns – remember sitting by the Dhabha ? And goring onto those hot parathas ! It gives you that feeling

Sarro da saag hor kuddu
Served with makka onion , gar and mooli

Khasta makai
Spiced corn , crumbled paneer served on multigrain roti crusted with poppy seeds

Coming to the Meetha

Nolengur ice cream
Housemade date palm jaggery ice cream – it’s a heaven for jaggery lovers

Cheese cherry pineapple
Reinvention of the cheese cherry pineapple on a stick , pineapple sorbet on cherry soil with blue cheese fondue – it refreshes and is really light

Kaali gaajar ka halwa
Black carrot halwa served with malai – I loved this one ; it was made amazingly well

Overall this place is perfect for the vibes and to let loose while you gorge onto some food
P.S the cheap drinks is an add on
And yes the DJ plays amazing songs !!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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