Love from Asia @Shizusan Shophouse and Bar

Inspired from the colonial era , Shizusan Shophouse & Bar is a beautifully articulated interior themed shophouse serving delicacies worldwide from Asia . The menu is so widespread and carefully curated covering authentication and countries like Thailand , Korea ,Vietnam , India , Bali , Japan and the unheard ones like Halo Halo . Each item in the menu has a careful & beautiful description of the story behind ingredients and that dish from the country . So it becomes a great learning for all foodies . Coming to the decor , the decor is very beautifully articulated with painted ceilings to butterflies hanging to inspirational maps . The food is so authentic and will appeal to your palate at its best .
This is my very best picks from the menu :
1. The Nigiri
2. The maki rolls – avocado salad and asparagus tempura and Quinoa maki which is filled with pickled veggies seaweed , wasabi peas on the side and its gluten free till you dip in soy
3. Enoki Tempura ponzu mayo , cucumber black & white sesame truffle oil
4. Sriracha Blush – Japanese food is huge in Thailand !
5. Vegetable kung pao
6. Crispy portobello pickled cucumber slaw and sweet spicy sauce
Coming to the salad , Asian watermelon salad – radish mint & cilantro gets , toasted almonds with chilli garlic soy
Coming to the Asian tapas , Balinese Ikan Bakar wrapped in banana leaf and sambal belachan
Pok choy & spinach in Chinese mustard sauce
The curries you name it and it’s there from Thai to nyona laksa which traces origin to Hindi Persian lakshah referring to vermicelli
The main course :
Gochujang buri top a Korean Hot Metal bowl with charred rice
And they had all the gorgeous rices from hibachi style Japanese fried rice to hainanese rice to Dan Dan Mian handpulled noodles wok tossed in chilli oil and Sichuan peppers and jasmine fried rice
Oh mamamia Desserts !
1. Filipino batangas warm buko pie which is candied ginger and coffee icecream
2. Singaporean kaya bread pudding with coconut jam glaze and maltesers
3. And vitnamese banh chhuoi nuong chocolate mousse candies banana and sesame seeds
4. Manila’s halo halo sundae lavendar , coffee and vanilla icecream , condensed milk , lavendar beans and jelly
Coming to the drinks :
1. Thai tub Tim grob
2. Viatnamese ca phe da – The Vietnamese coffee
3. teh Tarik – the difference gorgeous teas
4. Geisha- china branch or kukicha rose petals , schisandra berries , sesame , bamboo shoot , ginger

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By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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