Innovating innovation @Quattro

Today’s invite was for the gorgeous new menu at Quattro . “Beautiful to the eyes, excitement to the heart & taste buds dancing on the tongue” is how I would sum the new menu up . Beautiful combinations , molecular gastronomy used in true senses and not just two cuisines mix , science used to create some exorbitant new flavours , skills used to blend different textures is what this new menu is all about . To start with the appetisers , the beet root icecream with corn cookies stuffed with jalepano and broccoli is a unique dish and tinkles some different taste buds . Hugely filling, formage patate with cheese icecream & delicious cheese sauce is deadly amazing . The tequitas with avocado icecream , crispy corns filled with sour cream is just another dish to please your palate . Jalapeño quesso is like break the ball for a cheesy savoury surprise .
Coming to the drinks , the berry mojito with brown sugar candy floss is so so soothing . The berry pieces and hint of lemon & mint make the experience enthralling . The green apple rocks iced tea – basically green apple pieces to -197 degrees poured with black tea just pops green apple and speaks of iced tea together.
Main course , they have new pizza ; so simple yet so amazing . The jalapeño risso with cottage cheese and rice served with hot pepper sauce is so just the complete meal you wished for.
And oh the desserts! What do I say ? I would love smoking if my cigar was a chocolate . And not just one but two! Salted caramel & hazelnut mousse cigars served with chocolate ganache dusky ashtray and home made vanilla gelato icecream ! And hey there was orange fragrant smoke ! Could you ask for more ? And next one is the most gorgeous art of plating . Les treches – A Mexican inspired icecream . It had so so many textures on plate and flavours that would burst your palate . Vanilla cake dipped in coconut cream , served with coconut icecream along with roasted almond crumbs baked in liquid sugar and served with fresh flowers .
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By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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